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Question: The LIADZ2 thread :: Total Votes:26
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The "beta version" 3  [11.54%]
The "final version" 14  [53.85%]
Both equally 4  [15.38%]
They both suck! 5  [19.23%]
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08:46 CST :: 3/05/2006

PH Webmaster

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When the "OST" of LIADZ2 was leaked online, it turned out to be a half-finished version that Yahpp was doing, before he added many elements to the song. When some heard the GST to the song and heard the violin stuff, they were appalled... well, Yahpp's posted the full version of the FINAL song, and it indeed has the piano/trance/violin elements in the background.

So now I ask... which do you prefer? The original one is mainly guitars and all, without the other stuff on top. This final one has all the other stuff. Some say it sounds crappy and tinny, while others say it's the best song Banya's made... what's your take? Personally, I think the song would sound best with the lyrics taken out entirely (like in the audio for the another step LIADZ2), taking out the trance-y "oooooh" stuff in the background, and dropping the violins, but keeping the intro and outro intact. But that's not a poll option...

And who else here agrees with me that they whored out LIADZ waaaaaayyyyyy too much in Zero?

Anyways, this zip contains both versions of the song - the one originally posted, and the final non-downloadable version posted on Yahpp's site, converted to MP3.

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09:09 CST :: 3/05/2006

Is a University student

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agreed that they made LIADZ2 wayyyyyyyyyy to difficult and whored it out............plus, the song doesn't sound imitating as Dignity.


09:31 CST :: 3/05/2006

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I like the violins better. (It makes the song harder too.)

10:00 CST :: 3/05/2006

th3 pla6u32
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Yea The final version is ALOT beter IMHO

10:24 CST :: 3/05/2006

Love is a Miss Zone


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If they just ditch the Liadz lyrics. this song would make me alot happier <_<


Oh yes. THey did whore this song way to much. To the point this mix should be called;


10:44 CST :: 3/05/2006

Solid Gold
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I am appalled at the violin.

It sounds crappy and tinny.

That's right Baby.

11:44 CST :: 3/05/2006

No, seriously, K-Pop sucks

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"Both suck!"

The original's awesome though, and so is Try to BPM (to a lesser degree)

And I also agree that they whored it out way too much:
LIADZ 2 [a]
Try to BPM

Seriously, wtf were they thinking?


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11:47 CST :: 3/05/2006

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Quote (Solid Gold @ 10:44 CST :: 3/05/2006)
I am appalled at the violin.

It sounds crappy and tinny.

Interesting. I thought it was a nice touch, and that it saved an otherwise bland and forgettable song.

I think it's a good song and the steps aren't bad (other than the Another Steps, of course), but I do agree that the song got way too much attention even before Zero came to the Western Hemisphere.

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15:09 CST :: 3/05/2006

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Personally, I think they both suck, but the final version is marginally better. The first version is just some generic riffing that sounds like the crappy playing I always heard walking past one of my college's fraternities. At the very least, the second version adds something, albeit not a whole lot of something.

15:12 CST :: 3/05/2006

Sir Don't Know alot

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