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Posted by: Turkeyslam on 01:59 CST :: 2/14/2007

If you are in the "Members" group at Pump Haven and would like to be entitled to a 1500SP bimonthly allowance in the < Pump Haven Download Center >, then just click the "allowance request" button inside the Media DB. Your name will be added to the list and soon your account will be upgraded.

After doing so, you will soon be upgraded to allow you to download files from the Download Center and every two months you will be given 1500SP more on top of what you previously had.

ANY USER ATTEMPTING TO UPGRADE TWO SEPARATE ACCOUNTS WILL BE INSTANTLY BANNED FROM THE SITE PERMANENTLY. Please follow these directions exactly or else your account will not be upgraded.


Se você está no grupo "Members" no Pump Haven e gostaria de ter direito a uma "mesada" de 1500SP no < Centro de Downloads do Pump Haven >, clique "Pedido de 'mesada'" na Media DB.

Após fazer isto, você será promovido, permitindo que você baixe arquivos do Centro de Downloads, e a cada dois meses você receberá 1500SP, que se juntam aos SP já presentes na conta.

QUALQUER USUÁRIO QUERENDO PROMOÇÃO PARA DUAS CONTAS SERÁ BANIDO PERMANENTEMENTE DO SITE NA HORA. Por favor, siga estritamente estas instruções, caso contrário sua conta não será promovida.

Posted by: Mayheyde on 02:11 CST :: 3/03/2010

I can't agree more. Everyone should obey the rule.
Posted by: daniel123 on 10:42 CST :: 6/19/2010

thanks for the info, everyone should follow the rulez :D
Posted by: nazor on 19:44 CST :: 7/23/2010

fck, I can not create topics

well, waiting for the activation  :(

Posted by: ckdur on 09:19 CST :: 1/15/2014


Sorry, I can't do this. I need media for my project! Please help me!

When I click the button, shows this: "If you've spent all of your Step Points, just wait until next month and you'll get more."


Posted by: Turkeyslam on 22:42 CST :: 1/15/2014

Well, that's exactly how the system works.

What exactly do you still -need- to get?

Posted by: ckdur on 05:00 CST :: 1/17/2014

Nothing yet, but maybe in the future I need to download SIMpacks or BGA. Your site is very complete. Practically I spent more or less 4 months downloading all BGA's (LOL) using only 2000 sp.  :D
Posted by: TheRaven1015 on 22:45 CST :: 8/26/2017

So what should I do if I can no longer log into my old account due to not having access to the old email address associated with it? I used to go under the Username Swing_On_Crazy1016 but after the site went offline for however many months it was down I completely forgot my old password now that the site is back up and running.
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