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00:45 CST :: 1/07/2019

A Stickler for Details and Pump files

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All removals confirmed, 27 arcade new tunes, 4 specials including a Applesoda vs Max remix called Desparecer.

Skeptic, [86], Kimchi Fingers, Imagination, Black Swan, Loki, Dement, and Desparecer all need to be unlocked.

You & I appears to be left for a future patch.

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07:16 CST :: 1/08/2019

Love is a Miss Zone


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Pump XX is dead on arrival.

I know it aint, but goddamn its a major disappointment :|


09:56 CST :: 1/31/2019

No longer stuck with Fiesta 1!!

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Yep, makes me kinda glad that Round 1 is taking their time upgrading; gotta enjoy Prime 2 while I still can.

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20:37 CST :: 3/06/2019

*Level 1 PH Member*

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WOW... this is a fucking TRAIN WRECK... Good fucking job AM... 98 removals... An Unlock system for songs and stepcharts NOBODY ASKED FOR. You might as well just go dig a hole and bury yourself now...

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