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Posted by: Vospi on 15:47 CST :: 9/27/2010

I'm going to just copy the text from site because I'm very tired. sorry guys  :(

(My happy birthday went well 26.09 ;) (yesterday for me) so I'm going to post some presents for you; this mix is the first one, and there are two or three more presents to appear during next days. < Waaaatch~ out! >)


Attention to all Pump It Up fans! :)

Here comes special promomix for Pump It Up Pro 2 game. It includes several tracks from the game + some extras from me, all mixed up together. Listen to it or download and PLEASE comment if you want this mix to make it to the actual arcade game tracklist!

< this is the link to download the thing >

please enjoy party people :) and watch out for more.

Posted by: sfxsigma on 16:05 CST :: 9/27/2010

Cools, I like Vospi's work, I'm looking forward to hearing the tracks.

P.S. In before TS moves this to Music & Gaming

Edit:  Just listened, and I like it a lot.  Same old high quality audio, and I got to hear UIMDM and Photosynthesis in the same track, awesome!  I think more of your stuff should be in the PIU series, like the main one instead of just PRO.

Posted by: the_peacemaker on 20:45 CST :: 9/27/2010

I'll move it for him.

Thanks Vospi! I always did enjoy your music.
Posted by: Vospi on 23:27 CST :: 9/19/2011

bumpin' it.
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