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17:32 CST :: 4/04/2005

[TKC] Tyrant

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does anyone have it? i've seen it before, of the city being destroyed and there is the grim reaper in it, but cant find it. can someone send it to my email (tyrant429@aol.com) or PM me about it, thankz.


21:50 CST :: 4/04/2005

*Level 1 PH Member*

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o that sounds cool i wana see it too lol

01:29 CST :: 4/05/2005

Pump Haven VIP

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Hit me up on AIM if you guys need it!

ThE oNe AnD oNlY wEiRdO

02:42 CST :: 4/05/2005

PH Webmaster

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This used to be a featured music video on the site. I guess since this isn't listed in the old feature download section of the site, maybe I should update that again, huh?

H.O.T - Fighting Spirits

This is a DAMN COOL video, by the way.

04:43 CST :: 4/06/2005

Representing Pumpcore.com

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i like the feel that songs like fighting spirits and iyah have.  kind of an epic feel, like you could use it in an action movie scene.  love my korean rap music!


16:47 CST :: 4/07/2005

I am the Hangook Jin

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yay thnx turkey!

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