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Posted by: Piukyd on 12:55 CST :: 2/02/2016

so my friends and I may have a pump machine its a Pump It Up The Premiere 2 arcade cabinet. SX version. It runs on mk3, what would we have to do to upgrade the board and where could get it at a decent price. wanna upgrade enough to play prime. any cheap or decent places to look?
Posted by: valius on 20:53 CST :: 2/03/2016

You'll need both a new MK9 and a new I/O board.

You first need this
< >

which connects to this
< >

which connects to your new MK via USB.

If you don't care about mixes below Fiesta 2010, then you can build your own MK9 which is cheaper than buying it from arcade spare parts.  You'll need:

Asrock G41M-S3 motherboard (the Asrock G41M-VS3, which is still in print, works too!)
Any processor that works with said motherboard
1 GB of RAM at least
Nvidia Geforce 9300 GS (Geforce 210 also works)

The I/O costs as much as this MK9 you'll built. :p

If you want compatibility with Exceed2-Prime and don't care about HD for now, you have the option of building an MK6 v1, but the parts are all old and more difficult to find:

Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK Rev 2.X or GA-8IPE1000MK (rev. 1.x)
512MB-1GB of RAM
Nvidia FX5200.

I've have good experiences with arcadespareparts, but maybe someone here has other places?

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