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Posted by: Mimi-Loves-You-All on 05:53 CST :: 4/03/2015

I'm sorry for being offtopic, but I really need your help! :bowdown:
I'm last grade university student and I need to do a research for my diploma.
I need US people for my research (I do a comparison between Russian and American people).
And I also need some feedback about this form, so feel free to PM me if you found mistakes in questions.
I know this will take you some time, but I will thank you later.
If you have friends who play World of Warcraft, please give them this form to complete.
This is anonymous and noone will know your answers
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Posted by: Nico on 09:11 CST :: 4/03/2015

Requesting move to < Pump Haven Lounge >.

Got something to talk about that isn't related to Pump whatsoever? If so, this is where you should be!

Posted by: Mimi-Loves-You-All on 03:28 CST :: 4/04/2015

Maybe you are right, but this part of ph is the most reading one, and that's why I posted it here. I know about the lounge part (and this is also why I brought excuses for being off topic).
I need many respondents, and with posting into this part of forum, I hoped to get as many as possible.

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