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Posted by: RaślCamOv on 12:11 CST :: 7/14/2015

This is a custom SM5 build with probably the best Fiesta 2 based theme in the net now, with all 1st~Zero songs that appeared in Fiesta 2, and every song from NX to the latest Prime update, including WorldMax exclusives!

Not just that, all songs come in almost every available mode ever. Pro/Infinity charts, rejected charts, hidden stuff, and even some Mission charts for certain songs (including ALL Prime Quest Zone charts up to this day!). Hands off the best PC collection of Pump on the net at the moment.

And according to the staff members, they'll be updating the whole thing constantly with more songs (maybe the missing 1st~Zero content or more mission charts). It even has every BGA for the available songs (except the ones for Prime, of course). If you haven't seen this yet, get it now!

Posted by: Nico on 06:59 CST :: 8/06/2015

This is, hands down, the best fan port ever, because it is has all the bells and whistles, even of the latest songs with their complex effects. Also, their Prime content is top-notch for those whose nearest option is otherwise multiple states away and are unable to travel anyway (i.e. me). No BGAs because of a moral code to not allow complete emulation of the latest title, but otherwise it's a complete set that, with the latest update that got added today, includes 1.07 along with all the special charts (Achlouias, Meteorize, etc.).

Also, I daresay this is better than the real Fiesta 2 because not only does it mimic it perfectly (and trust me, I was playing a Fiesta 2 just a scant few weeks ago), but it also has notable buffs. The biggest one is that widescreen is integrated, and songs that take advantage of it in Prime (though not the new songs) also do so here. Also, the team is rolling out the complete catalogs of older mixes. At this point, we've got everything from ZERO-Prime (with the odd exception of Emergency, but I think that'll be patched soon), and the selection from Fiesta 2/Prime of the older mixes. Seriously, if you've got the bandwidth, give this a try!

Posted by: Suke37 on 18:32 CST :: 8/09/2015

I absolutely love this setup of SM5.  I've already moved all my simfiles over to this version and was even surprised that they had a pre-made folder for PIU Infinity files!

The only thing I'd love to see in a future build that I loved added in to Fiesta 2 was a Singles and Doubles folder with a breakdown of stepchart difficulties within (IE: A Singles Charts folder, with subfolders of the individual difficulty levels, and the songs that had those levels within. Same with Doubles).  It made it really convenient when I just wanted to play level 9, 10, or 11 songs and didn't want to go through every single mix digging through songs of those levels.

Overall though, I can't say enough good things about this setup.  It's amazing and so conducive to my home PIU pad setup!

Posted by: Nico on 12:50 CST :: 8/13/2015

Ooh, the devs are sneaky. There are noteskin codes that correlate to ones from Extra (and maybe other mixes?).

PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-9  PIU-5
This code gives you the Poop noteskin. The corner arrows are poop, and the center arrow is a restroom sign.

PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-7  PIU-5
This code give you the Snowman noteskin. The corner arrows are snowmen, with their hat and scarf corresponding to their normal color, while the center is a snowman's head.

PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-1  PIU-5
This code gives you the Stellar noteskin. The upper arrows are red planets, the lower arrows are blue stylized stars, and the center is a crescent moon.

PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-1  PIU-9  PIU-3  PIU-5
This code gives you the UFO noteskin. All arrows are appropriately covered flying saucers. This is a very thin noteskin, practically thinner than IIDX notes, so use it if you want a challenge!

PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-7  PIU-5
This code gives you the Pineapple noteskin. The corner arrows are the whole fruit, while the center is a ring.

(This noteskin has a glitch where the arrows hit (with or without notes) on the PIU-9 and PIU-3 sides have the opposite side's silhouette)

PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-9  PIU-5
This code gives you the Jockey noteskin. The corner arrows are appropriately colored blobs with glasses with mic pieces bobbing, while the center arrow has glasses and an outline that says Jockey.

PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-1  PIU-5
This code gives you the Sealife noteskin. The corner arrows are appropriately colored octopi, while the center is a green fish that, from the angle, almost looks like a Zora. (Probably not intentional :P)

PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-3  PIU-7  PIU-3  PIU-5
This code gives you the Ice Cream noteskin. The corner arrows are ice cones the bob up and down independent of their topping, while the center arrow has eyes crossed and is shaking. (Possibly to look like a brain freeze) It's worth noting that the eyes are in the classic 1920's style akin to Mickey Mouse.

Posted by: RaślCamOv on 18:52 CST :: 8/13/2015


Gotta try this right now!

Posted by: PaRtYbOy on 15:28 CST :: 8/19/2015

But is it Windows 10 compatible?
Posted by: RaślCamOv on 19:52 CST :: 8/19/2015

^ It is. Runs smoothly on my Win 10 laptop.
Posted by: Nico on 12:14 CST :: 10/11/2015

So, since the last time I posted, version 1.04 and 1.03 have been released, and it adds a couple of neat features:

-New patch stuffs as you'd expect (Quest Charts, New Tunes, New Charts, etc.)
-The full Rebirth to Prex 3 and Exceed to Zero sets, including the cancelled Prex 3 tracks (Yay, now Just a Girl doesn't drop my combo on the speed changes! :P ) and the Exceed SE songs.
-Tweaks to the engine to better mimic how PIU handles hold drops
-A couple of options are now supported or enhanced: you can now play with noteskins from Pro and Jump (anyone remember that game?), play with the noteskin from the series a song is from automatically, play with a random set of noteskins within a song, use the NX scrolling (aka Star Wars scroll), and the hard judgement scale your points up just like in Pump.
-There are so many charts, sometimes you don't know what you're looking for. Luckily for you, there are now more labels to help you find stuff: old Half-Double charts and charts stemming from Pump it Up Infinity are now labeled on the song-select.
-Various bug fixes, media fixes, and other cool stuff that I forgot to mention, etc.

Posted by: Nico on 15:06 CST :: 4/26/2016

If you've been missing it, Step F2 is still updating! Just recently, Infinity was added among a ton of charts!

If this is your first time trying these out, what're your thoughts on stuff like the song choices and chart quality? Any feedback is good feedback!

Posted by: phreak97 on 06:27 CST :: 9/01/2016

Is there a full list of all the codes?
Is there a sort by name option somewhere? 800-900 songs are a lot to look through for a specific song!

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