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09:24 CST :: 4/16/2005

The guy with the gun as a leg....

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Anyone here do sports? (besides pump  :whoa: ) Also, what's your favorite sport to watch, if any.

To start, I do X-country, 3.1 miles of nonstop running  :oo:
I like to watch hockey if it's ever coming back :/ !


"I'm going to become a stand-up comedian. ?Everyone says I'm funny when I know I'm not"

22:01 CST :: 4/16/2005

Resident Pump pianist and Cornell alumnus

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Nope, not me, Pump's been my only source of exercise for the last two years of my life (other than school PE). I did take an Olympic fencing course here at Cornell University, and that sport is a LOT harder than it looks. But it's really cool, even though it requires a lot of lower-body strength and control.

I also watch hockey since it's the only sport Cornell is really famous for. Almost every student is an avid hockey fan, and we have myriad demeaning cheers, such as "GRADE INFLATION! GRADE INFLATION!" for when we play against Harvard, and "SAFETY SCHOOL! SAFETY SCHOOL!" for when we play against any lowly and cheap school. And the best known one, for when we score a goal, is when the whole audience points at the opposing team's goalie and chants, "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!"  :D

Sometime before I graduate, I'm going to have to do what every Cornellian winds up doing: bringing sleeping bags to the rink just so I can try to be first in line to get tickets for one of the big games.

Current piano projects: None atm.

Some of my performances: Feux D'artifice, by Claude Debussy, La Cathedrale Engloutie, by Debussy, Nocturne in B Major, Op. 62 no. 1, by Frederic Chopin, Ballade no. 1 in G Minor, by Chopin, Amberley Wild Brooks, by John Ireland, Prelude in D Minor, Op. 28 No. 24, by Chopin

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11:43 CST :: 4/21/2005

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Well, I practice soccer. Im play for the team of my school, Im the captain of the team of bazketball and play pump it up for hobby :p  :whoa:

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20:44 CST :: 4/28/2005

Member....TEAM SWICK

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i play soccer..basket ball...baseball...
:D  and 0 yeah  "I TEACH TAE KWON DO


17:11 CST :: 4/29/2005

I changed my title after four and a half years


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I play football and basketball with friends, and I LOVE watching the NFL. Go Saints! I also excercise my thumbs while playing Halo at friends' houses.

18:15 CST :: 5/03/2005

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No, I Dont play any sports.. but i like to see football matches

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