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Posted by: valius on 03:55 CST :: 11/30/2005

Welcome to the Newbie FAQ forum!  This is the forum full of frequently asked questions that you, the new user, or you, the new PH member, may have about the site or the game in general.  Take a look around and see if your question has been answered here. :)

If you have any corrections to the information posted here or if you have any other suggestions on what might be a good question to post about in here, please use the < Suggestions/Comments forum >, or PM either me or another mod/admin.  Keep in mind that only mods and admins have the power to edit the contents of this forum.

We hope that the info has helped, and information about any future updates will be posted here in this thread.

Have fun!

Posted by: valius on 22:56 CST :: 1/29/2006

Update 01/29/06:

Added information on how to deal with the .exe files that appear throughout Pumphaven.

Posted by: valius on 16:24 CST :: 1/30/2006

Update 01/30/2006:

Added answers to "Who is Banya?"

Added information about forum common-sense.

Posted by: valius on 11:24 CST :: 4/09/2006

Update 04/09/2006:

Added information on PH member status.

Posted by: valius on 00:37 CST :: 6/01/2006

Update 5/31/2006:

Added the "Banya song list" question to the forum.

Posted by: valius on 17:31 CST :: 9/28/2006

Update 09/28/2006:

Added information regarding the identity of C44 aka the Ignition Starts/Hypnosis/Extravaganza remix in Zero.

Posted by: valius on 17:08 CST :: 1/17/2007

Update 1/17/07:

Updated the Banya songlist and the information about Banya with up-to-date information.

Posted by: valius on 01:17 CST :: 11/21/2007

UPDATE 11/20/07:

A new topic about PH member groups has been added!  Read up to know more about the member groups we have here in PH.

Posted by: valius on 04:59 CST :: 11/21/2008

UPDATE 11/21/2008:

Instructional video on how to play Pump It Up added to this topic:

<;t=3479 >

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