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Topic: Member Introduction Thread (new members as well), Introduce yourself here!< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
09:11 CST :: 4/18/2005

Naughty Nogitsune
**Level 4 PH Member**

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Group: PH Members
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Joined: April 2005
Total Posts: 40

Real Name: Chris
Age: 17
Location: USA (PA)

Deadman walkin'; unofficial mascot/handy-man/heavy-lifter at numerous fund raisers, etc; "the dance-machine-guy"; and I work part-time as a pain in the @$$ as well. :wink:

3D-rendering/modeling/animation; PIU (duh!); DDR;
*certain* anime films/series (no, i'm not a COMPLETE "ani-freak"...yet); T-K-D; Mech-engineering; combat-choreo (possibility); break-dancing, though my moves=limited, and of the few, none of them (have) work(ed) on the PIU pad (so far) (hmm...haven't tried "the Baryshnikov" on doubles, though...hmm *evil grin*); Korean metal (Viva La HeadBanga!!!); fursuiting (I am NOT part of the sub-culture, though. *shiver*); creative writing; (2b continued)...

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20:03 CST :: 4/20/2005

Yeehaw McKickass
Idiot King

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Group: PH Contributors
Location: Chicagoland
Joined: April 2005
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Real name: shane
Age: 24
Hometown: Chicago area.
Ethnicity: Scottish/Itallian
Languages: English
Occupation: manager of a Tilt
intrests: various games, sex, bowling
Favorite song to play: Another Truth Freestyle
Best song: I don't even keep track
Discovered Pump: Roaming around Belmont avenue in Chicago and seeing a pump machine, thinking "why the hell didn't they get ddr?"  I played it at a D&B a couple weeks later and over the course of the last year I've found it to be the more enjoyable game.

In case anyone's wondering;
Yes, I am the same Yeehaw McKickass that wrote those guides over on DDRFreak.

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22:46 CST :: 4/20/2005

**Level 5 PH Member**

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Group: PH Members
Location: mecsico scity
Joined: April 2005
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Real name: leví    xD
age: 21
hometown: méxico df
ethnicity: chilango  xD
languages: spanish, english, icelandic (little)
occupation: wasting time in get a fucking job, and estudy psychology
interests: piu, my girlfriend, pi (3.141592...)
favourite song to play: dignity xD
best song: love is a danger zone
discovered pump: in a machine local near my house

i love pump it up! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


12:37 CST :: 4/21/2005

*Level 3 PH Member*

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Group: PH Members
Location: Cork, Ireland
Joined: Feb. 2004
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Well, might as well introduce myself, fashionably late, of course.  :D

Real name: Eoin Ó Drisceoil
Age: 16
Hometown: Douglas, Cork
Ethnicity: Irish
Languages: English, Irish, Spanish, French, and a small bit of German.
Occupation: Student and professional bum.
Interests: Computer games, dancing simulation games, music (especially that of the rocking kind, although mostly golden oldies), art, drawing, sketching, playing the violin, my girlfriend, the internet, computer programming...
Favorite song to play: Love Is a Danger Zone (Hard)/Beethoven Virus (Hard)
Best song (and mode): Final Audition 1 (Hard - S)
How you discovered Pump It Up: A Pumping friend of mine in England mentioned the game to me just over a year ago, and that was the first time I had ever heard of it. Just about half a year ago, I downloaded Prex 3 for the PC, and started playing in the local arcade!
Other stuff: To my knowledge, I'm the only avid Pumper in all of Cork, which sucks. Apparently it's "only for girls". However, I'm slowly getting my friends interested. Slooowly.  :)

Edited by Banjo-Fella on 12:40 CST :: 4/21/2005


10:12 CST :: 4/22/2005




I suppose as an admin here, I should contribute huh:

Real name: Landon
Age: 25
Hometown: Look at my info :D but it's Denver, CO
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Languages: English
Occupation: Um, admin here? I'm in IT (Info Tech.) but thanks to the shitty economy, I was reduced to taking temp. jobs. It's money though.
Interests: Metal/Rock Music, Computers, PS2 (damn you DMC3!), women, and other nerdy stuff. Especially laughing at the DDR n00bs who think that Pump's a ripoff, without even playing it.
Favorite song to play: Lexy/1TYM Remix Freestyle
Best song: Dignity crazy with an S. Ha...no in reality um..I have no idea!
Discovered Pump: Last day of a job I had a few years ago, I decided to go to DnB with a couple of friends. Noticed a hot woman playing pump. My friend had played DDR for 2 years or so..I swore never to try it. But you guys know how women are. So I got up there, tried it. And the rest is history.

16:56 CST :: 4/25/2005

The guy with the gun as a leg....

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Group: PH Veterans
Location: CSM, Golden, CO
Joined: Mar. 2005
Total Posts: 2069

Hey why not? Even though I've been here for a while:

Real name: Nick
Age: 15
Hometown: Evergreen CO (It's like 30 minutes outside of Denver or somethin like that)
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Hispanic (my dad's from Peru)
Languages: English, French (partially)
Occupation: I wish!  Well, I guess i'm a student at EHS, but I don't get paid for it.
Interests: Basically any type of Music (I like every genre), the internet, running (X-country especially), and other stuff I can't think of right now.
Favorite song to play: We Can't Stop NM
Best song: either an A on Chicken Wing NM, B on Hi-Bi CZ , or an S on Diva Remix CZ.  I can't decide!
Discovered Pump: Well, I went to Fat City one time (I don't know maybe 2,3 years ago).  Well, I waned to try DDR because I heard about it and it looked neat.  I got up and played for a while and then I noticed this girl playing An Interesting View HD (as i recall) on the Pump machine right next to it. I thought that was really amazing.  Later on, when the Colorado Mills Mall opened up, they had a Jillians, so I decided to play there since it was much closer to my house.  They didn't have a DDR, so I decided to try Pump since I was into these dancing games.  Once I selected Hate EZ I was hooked.  So that's basically how I got into it, and I didn't find out about Landon's group until just recently.  If I bored you with my novel feel free to comment. :whoa:


"I'm going to become a stand-up comedian. ?Everyone says I'm funny when I know I'm not"

15:24 CST :: 4/26/2005

Awesome d00d

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Group: PH Contributors
Location: NY
Joined: Oct. 2003
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I'm Miklotov at PX.
If you don't know me from there you probably aren't awesome.


15:37 CST :: 4/26/2005

PH Webmaster

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Group: PH Administrators
Location: Kenner, LA
Joined: Sep. 2003
Total Posts: 15800

Welcome... back! So are you gonna post here once in a while or is this a one-off thing? :p

21:05 CST :: 4/26/2005

Representing Pumpcore.com

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Joined: June 2004
Total Posts: 854

WangPirate?  that's..............interesting!  where'd you come up with that one?


21:07 CST :: 4/26/2005




Most likely Penny Arcade would be my guess.

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