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Question: Milk Chocolate or Chocolate Milk? :: Total Votes:21
Poll choices Votes Statistics
Milk Chocolate 10  [47.62%]
Chocolate Milk 11  [52.38%]
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02:47 CST :: 4/14/2010

uses abxy to play it

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Just an idea for a poll I had.  :P

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03:46 CST :: 4/14/2010

Chris Lee
As time slows down..............

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Chocolate Milk. It's technically healthier for you, although I eat more chocolate than drink chocolate milk. heh.

To be continued...

10:28 CST :: 4/14/2010

**PH's most hated member**


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Milk is DISGUSTING. The only way I will drink milk is if there is something in it, like chocolate syrup, vanilla flavoring, crap like that. Chocolate milk is actually way up there on my list of favorite things to drink, surprisingly. Buttt, when choosing either milk chocolate or chocolate, the milk wins somehow. I'm not a big fan of the texture that chocolate has when you bite into it either. So chocolate milk wins this.


10:48 CST :: 4/14/2010

PH Webmaster

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I prefer milk as an adjective than a noun.

11:14 CST :: 4/14/2010

5 Panel Whore


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Dark chocolate trumps all three but since it's not on the list I chose milk chocolate.

19:24 CST :: 4/14/2010

"No voy a resolver mas ecuaciones diferenciales" -Mezt

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ChocoMilk, even the brand is named like that  :D


I'd really want to know if I have the chance, but You're too bitch to say something to me ??

11:41 CST :: 4/16/2010

a fan of Doraemon

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Quote (Turkeyslam @ 00:48 CST :: 4/14/2010)
I prefer milk as an adjective than a noun.

I lol'ed at this post xD anyway, I prefer choco milk :D since I don't have to munch on anything


11:48 CST :: 4/17/2010

Resident Soccer Player

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Chocolate milk cuz i like milk lol :P

That has to be the best goal I have ever seen!

12:08 CST :: 4/17/2010

Life is an adventure that everybody should enjoy.

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Milk chocolate

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20:45 CST :: 4/18/2010

Love is a Miss Zone


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neither cuz Chocolate sux


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