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Posted by: valius on 17:29 CST :: 9/28/2006

C44 is the ID number of the Ignition Starts/Hypnosis/Extravaganza remix in Zero.  Why C44?  Well, the ID numbers work like this:

Take Forever Love for example; the ID number of the song is 103.

1 stands for 1st Dance Floor
03 is a number given depending on where it stands in the list of songs that premiered in that mix (it's the third song of list, while Ignition Starts is 101 and Hypnosis is 102).  That list is unsorted, so there's really no reason why the songs are arranged in the order they are.

C stands for Zero (Mix #12)
44 means that this remix would be #44 in the list of songs and remixes that premiered in Zero.

You can see the entire lists of songs in both the < PH Master Song List > and the < PH Master Song List 2 > depending on what version you're interested in.

Here's the catch though: There is no known way to unlock C44!  Even those with access to Zero's innards have not been able to find a way to make the game display it.  It is speculated that the remix was slated to be put into the game but abandoned at the last minute.  The files are indeed on the hard drive, but the game just will not display it.  So, to the point, you cannot play the Ignition Starts/Hypnosis/Extravaganza remix in Zero through any means!

In truth, this would not be the first time Andamiro has done this, since the files for the songs I Love You, Zzanga, Waves, and Always were all found in Prex 3, except the stepfiles and audio, and the default configuration file did not place those songs into the menu.

Well, hopefully that should put to rest any more rumors about what C44 is.

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