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Topic: Favorite (strictly) non-gimmick charts?, AKA, the "Anothers" of WorldMax< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
03:06 CST :: 5/08/2008

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Lazenca, Save Us - Agreed to Turkey, a wonderful Nightmare that should really just become an Arcade Station fav.

(Might count as a Gimmick) Street Show Down - Vanish 3 (i think) - if all the steps were all faded in, instead of the fade in/out process I like the pattern and steps overall for it, real fun.

Typhoon (FV) - Suddenly Appear 3 - Amazing chart for a great song, make it a Special Zone FV in the future please! Don't change shit!! lol

It's My Business (FV) - Necropolis - A little of everything, from the Crazy/Freestyle/Nightmare line-up all blended into the perfect full-version, plus the slow downs for the "Static segments" in the song when it reaches around 2:15 then continues like normal, real nice chart.

Canon-D - [D] - I have to admit, a very nice mellow Freestyle that on maybe 2x or 3x real nice to do, especially for a FV considering the fact that most of the FVs in the Special Zone are mostly Crazy/Nightmare only with some Hard/Freestyle.

Deux Remix - Fork of a Road (Hidden North path) - If you take out the segments where you "choose a path" my favorite Deux Remix steps is definatly the chart that comes with the hidden 8th note after the first  PIU-1  PIU-7  part.

Money - Throwaway - Need I really say more? Always makes me sad having to throw one away lol. Wonderful chart for just screwing around, don't see many of these where you just hop around and spin in the same simultanious pattern on and on pretty much the whole song.

(Possibly a Gimmick) Beat Sharp # 4 (FV) - Temple - EXCLUDING the 2 parts of the song where all fake steps shoot from bottom to top AND excluding the middle portion of the song where the arrows are spammed and slowly disperse to show the path you need to hit in the stream at the middle of the song, this song would prove to be extremely fun and challenging Nightmare chart for BS#4 especially as a FV.

Blazing - Blaze It Up - A little less strainuous than the NM chart, the patterns of the streams are smoother than the slightly more erratic streams in the Arcade NM version.

(More or less a Gimmick) Miss S - Miss Story - All I can say is, take away the long freeze arrow, make every potion a step, I'd play it every day. I love Miss Story and those "steps" are great.

Do It Yourself - O-Crossover - Very hard, very hard, I would pay to ever see the person playing that (I can see this too) in Special Zone as the "Another" NM chart and attempting the last All-10 hit. The jumps all over the pad are kind of obnoxious but take off those mods (which btw I know that if you do Mode Off DC doesn't go but still..) and this song would be a blast in Special Zone.

If there was an overall chart I'd have to pick as my personal #1 favorite, I actually figured it out, alllll the way back in Rootina.
Mix-Up 3 - Novasonic Remix - Perfect as a NM chart, slow-downs/speed-ups for the Guitar, the nasty Triples from Another Truth and the flow-full streams from Hatred alone make this chart spectacular to me, they put a lot of effort into this chart and I'll admit I always go back and play it.

I hope I did a decent job lol I tried to think hard on keeping on topic bad.

14:34 CST :: 5/20/2008


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shit I can't remember any of the names of the missions because I just simply move on whenever I pass them... so to recall based on descriptions :

Rootina : the Pumptris mission with a bunch of different charts available that kind of worked like a Division chart

Anything with Jump in it...

man I can't think of any that weren't gimmicky... lol

You can become hero of stage! blast your hidden ardor!
Beat your feet on the stage! fresh scream which upgrade your dance game level! Look at me, my fantastic dance... if you want to dance like me, play Technomotion. I want to see your captivating motion. I want to share rapture with you. Let's go dance with me, you can feel like dancing queen. STAND UP! This time is for dancing, don't be shy! Show me your talent on the stage! Move your body according to music. Don't you hear that cheer? Make feel free and close your eyes. Throw away your honor! Enjoy your life with Technomotion. Let's go dancing.

17:55 CST :: 5/20/2008

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all the mine zones in shantomia :p

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02:00 CST :: 1/07/2009

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Quote (Turkeyslam @ 10:03 CST :: 5/07/2008)
Dammit, okay, nobody understands this thread at all. What a waste of time.

lmao :D

Quote (Talamaar @ 02:06 CST :: 5/08/2008)
Lazenca, Save Us - The jumps all over the pad are kind of obnoxious but take off those mods (which btw I know that if you do Mode Off DC doesn't go but still..) and this song would be a blast in Special Zone.

Yeah, Mode OFF still keeps DC because it is not a mode, but a speed modifier :)

does Emergency full count? ok i think not...

i like the Red Remix a lot, as well as For You full, Dead End, the Energizer cz chart from Shantomia, Yasangma, Witch Docva, MX Thrill or whatever the moonlight mission is called, and most of the songs turkey mentioned :P

oh and the Hyper Combo stepchart for Forever Love, that counts right? just don't mind the x1000000 arrow value lol

Edited by ShadeLRK on 02:06 CST :: 1/07/2009

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19:50 CST :: 3/23/2011

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Witch Doctor - Hot Trill in Mirtain. Not considering the hold + drill barrage (depends if you can take 'em) at the end, the chart is a pretty fun alternate NM of the original arcade song.

09:27 CST :: 3/25/2011

Teenager Pumper

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I think I understand this topic, hmh, usually I like more chart with gimmicks. A lot more fun to play, but chart you all have mentioned is also a favourite of mine, for example:

Born of earth 6 - morigin - lazenca, save us = oh my god, I have been crazy of this chart some weeks ago, hahaha. This should have been in arcade as all of you said

*Ehwa - mirtain - you fall in me full version = just change those hearts into steps, then it will be a fun NM chart

R.U.NE - mirtain - a.u ready full song = good chart, I love it :D

Turn - shantomia - so = I like to turn, but this chart makes me dizzy lol

Throwaway - shantomia - money = still, this chart is fun, for turning, but I always miss at least 5-10 steps :(, though this chart should have been in arcade I think :)

Scream! - mirtain - scream song = okay, this song, and this chart should have been in special zone

Night Air - cryomiston - dance all night = this is a good NM chart, ignoring its super hard requirements

Can't think more about this :D

Game Over ^^

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