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09:52 CST :: 10/09/2009


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What is that about? o.0

Quote (adonis_minus_20 @ 23:27 CST :: 12/18/2009)
I think those seagulls could get an S on Witch Doctor, they had good technique ?:D

Quote (Chris Lee @ 03:15 CST :: 12/17/2009)
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Quote (ShadeLRK @ 22:16 CST :: 12/20/2009)

overdeath: where are you from? do you play pump?
me: I'm from mexico
overdeath: okay you DO play pump

23:56 CST :: 10/09/2009

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No more than 5 min from my house there is a NX2 FX machine, but unplayable, the sound is minimum and the f@$%ing reggeaton playing all day long blaring

17:01 CST :: 10/11/2009

The 5' PIU'ing loon!

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Quote (-AP- @ 00:56 CST :: 10/10/2009)
...the sound is minimum and the f@$%ing reggeaton playing all day long blaring

Anything that involves reggaeton is hell. I wish you luck.

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10:18 CST :: 10/29/2009

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Quote (WaltCip @ 09:39 CST :: 10/09/2009)
I'm lucky. All I have to deal with is this every minute:
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10:51 CST :: 10/29/2009

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really seldom
We ask manager to make piu machine louder

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lol I play almost everyday =P

18:07 CST :: 11/28/2009

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If they're gonna have a MUSIC game, they should make it so you can HEAR it....

23:52 CST :: 12/02/2009

what the LOL

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Guitar Hero should be destroyed. I dunno why managers make that crap 55x louder than PIU

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11:13 CST :: 12/03/2009

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Quote (mrCLICKman @ 23:52 CST :: 12/02/2009)
Guitar Hero should be destroyed. I dunno why managers make that crap 55x louder than PIU

Ugh, this happened at a bowling alley with Zero that I played on over the summer.

It was fine before, with Pump being kinda isolated, and it was loud enough... now they moved the GH machine right next to the Zero, cranked up the volume of GH, turned down the Pump volume, and moved the pads for Pump right next to the machine.

Even with nobody playing GH, you cant hear a damn thing.

What a shame, they actually had good pads on that machine.


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15:10 CST :: 1/14/2010

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I'm lucky.  The only time it gets hard to hear is when all three light gun games by the machine are going.  It's on a corner though so there's nothing litterally next to it.  There are a few crap games behind it, but those are too bad considering the Zero machine is louder.  The only thing that messes me up is there's this one 'match the lights' ticket game that says "Wow" in the most monotone voice at random times.  It comes through as clear as a bell. XD

21:38 CST :: 2/06/2010

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Annoying BG music where I play?  WORSE than Guitar Hero AC [which, funnily enough is kept away from every other music game where I play]



MTV Drumscape.  I HATE that machine, that game, and the music.  It is so loud and distracting.

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