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Posted by: Ariel Valentine on 03:02 CST :: 5/05/2021

So i'm moving to a new home and found an old copy of banya's 3rd -UNFINISHED- album while looking through stuff, a friend of mine was kind enough to burn it for me from his original CD way back in the day. Unfortunately, the CD is badly scratched (i haven't seen the damn thing for like 15 years!) so i was only able to salvage a couple of tracks and the rest is lost forever . Idk if this is the right forum to post this and the songs might not be your favorites but hopefully someone will appreciate them :) Greetings from Argentina!

06 - Hello
07 - D-Gang
08 - Bee
09 - Vook
10 - Pump Me Amadeus

Download: < >

Posted by: ohnoitschris on 02:29 CST :: 6/10/2021

Thank you!
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