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Topic: Post your most recent accomplishments thread!, Lets start shall we?< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
16:02 CST :: 4/01/2005

Love is a Miss Zone


Group: PH Administrators
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I totally forgot <_<
Canon D Full Bar on and off i guess >> D 148 misses. That was the only time i passed.


18:04 CST :: 4/01/2005

*Level 3 PH Member*

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I hate the EXTRA version.......

on EXCEED 2 : S

on EXTRA : F




23:29 CST :: 4/01/2005

The "better than you" stepmaker


Group: PH Veterans
Location: peru
Joined: June 2004
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BEE Nightmare x4 C 68 Misses I think, holding the bar hard of course O.o


23:51 CST :: 4/01/2005

Jason Dread
DANGER!! songs are easy

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Hozz, do you guys have a DX screen that you play on?  I've tried that on a regular 27" and I had a horrible time trying to read it :\


07:41 CST :: 4/02/2005

*Level 3 PH Member*

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Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
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hm, an accomplishment thread ^^

I will put them here when I remember :p

I'll put some from yesterday on Exceed 2:

Love Is A Danger Zone - CZ - No Bar - 4x - A (37 misses, 8 bads, 10 goods, 90 greats)
Treme-Vook Of The War - CZ - No Bar - 3x - A (34 misses)

08:25 CST :: 4/02/2005

I changed my title after four and a half years


Group: PH Veterans
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Joined: Oct. 2003
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Holy crap 0.O!! That's good!

11:34 CST :: 4/02/2005

I'm renting this space. If you're interested, contact me


Group: PH Moderators
Location: Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Playing Pump once in a while
Joined: April 2005
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First post here ^^

well, my best records: (all of them in a prex3)

Dr.M Crazy: S, 1 good
Slam Crazy: B, 15 misses
Will o'the wisp Crazy: A, 3 misses
Dignity (hacked prex) Crazy: C, 63 misses
Another Truth Nightmare: A, 16 misses (my favorite record :D)

I hate the exceed grade system... too easy to get A :wtf:

The weeeee with H is the FALSE weeeeeee. It emanates a different energy, something negative in a certain way.

You will soon be affected by the bad luck that the weeeee with H provides to the user. I strongly advise you to stop using it as soon as possible.

Or it will be too late. =[

15:02 CST :: 4/02/2005

**Level 5 PH Member**

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Group: PH Members
Location: London, UK
Joined: Mar. 2005
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Dignity crazy 59 miss.

Completely out of the blue...I absolutely could not get below 85 before....I swear I might even have just misread it. O_o It was still a D.

15:19 CST :: 4/02/2005




Another one for me: making it through Dignity full hard and not having my heart explode. :p

15:38 CST :: 4/02/2005

***** The General of the PumpHaven Army *****

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Location: Eden Prairie, MN USA
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Well for me, an A on Love Song and Pray (4x that was accidentally) on Nightmare Mode!

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