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Posted by: valius on 11:23 CST :: 4/09/2006

In answer to this question, we turn to Turkeyslam:

Ever wondered what having "PH Members" status means or wondered what you have to do to be upgraded to that level? Well, this is a category set for "established" members of the site and as a thank you for being part of the community. Gaining access to this member group entitles you to access downloads (some of which are huge in size or in number) which are not available for all members because they're too high in demand or they're too large in file size. All downloads are made available in the board for it. Being a PH Member also means you have access to another board for stupid conversations, which isn't opened up to everyone normally because of the fear that it'll become spam city.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't get bumped up to that level due to post count; it all has to do with how you post as a member. Every once in a while Turkeyslam goes through and looks at the posts by regular members, and bumps up the level of members who are good posters. Usually you need at least 20 posts to be considered, and even then, if all you post is irrelevant nonsense, you won't be bumped up. It all has to do with what you bring to the forum. Even if you're not a regular poster - if your posts are constructive, within time you'll find yourself randomly bumped up to the higher level. It's worth being a PH Member, because whenever any new exclusive stuff comes (say, pertaining to a new game release), it is always made to PH Members first.

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