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13:25 CST :: 4/02/2005


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Quote (RansomHero @ 05:18 CST :: 4/02/2005)
umm..... who knows when it`s coming out?

I have heard it is suppost to come out in may or june. I am not sure which month but I have my hopes set to june. Because everytime I hope for an earlier release date on something it always comes out later. :/


Don't you mean Charles Guiteau...

22:10 CST :: 4/02/2005

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Yes, the game is still in developement and is right now scheduled for a release in the may/june time period. For more information on the company responsible for the game coming to a console near you please visit www.mastiff-games.com
I'll keep you updated as I find out more:)

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02:47 CST :: 4/03/2005

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I didnt know they had a Exceed for ps2 :O  But it sucks to play on those gay ass clothy pads

03:19 CST :: 4/03/2005

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Due out in June, is the latest word.

Dallas, TX

07:27 CST :: 4/03/2005

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The original, you can buy at Play Asia
If you have an DVD-Recorder, you can download the game at http://www.torrentspy.com/, but you need the program BitTorrent.

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18:33 CST :: 4/04/2005

master of noodles

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We gotta support the game and if it does well maybe they will continue the game. the cloth matts arent so bad, the are usually preety sensitive. stick a chair behind it and u got a bar. :p


13:02 CST :: 4/07/2005

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Stariandolphin... how could you not know piu is on ps2?its basically on every major piu website out there


13:36 CST :: 4/07/2005

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i have it for ps2, but i bought it last nov., when it came out, and that's when the defective pad was in effect.  so now i have a glitchy pad to work with.  still a nice novelty item to have.

the pad is actually really nice quality.  unmodded, you can use shoes on it easily.


17:11 CST :: 4/07/2005

I am the Hangook Jin

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ya its true its out aready exceed

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