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Topic: Pump it Up XX - 2.05 Update Coming!, The pipeline resumes!< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
22:32 CST :: 12/18/2020

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Due to how the world is still...having certain things happening that have hit arcades in particular quite hard, Andamiro has decided to buck its 2-year plan and will instead be extending support for Pump it Up XX to 2021 with intermittent updates to be released at their discretion (so it might be more than bimonthly like 2019/2020 or less, it's up in the air). The teaser for the first batch has been dropped, which will be released on January 7, 2021!

Dreamcatcher - Full Moon [FULL SONG]

Original Tunes
Nato feat. Skizzo - God Mode 2.0
Uma - The Reverie

World Music
Junk - Life is Piano
Noma - Brain Power

-God Mode 2.0 was originally featured in Pump it Up Mobile Edition, making it only the second song to ever make the move from consumer software to arcades after Pandera's I Love You Baby.

-The Reverie was earmarked for XX as a contest winner, with an early release on Mobile Edition, but those plans initially fell through. Thanks to this schedule shift, however, it's possible the other 9 winners will also be making their way into XX as originally planned!

-Brain Power is the first song originally exclusively licensed for a Konami title, in this case Sound Voltex, to come to the Pump it Up series. For those unaware, Noma decided not to renew the contract to regain distribution/licensing rights, and it's appeared in swaths of other rhythm games including Andamiro-distributed (and now dormant) Neon FM!

-Life is Piano is another song originally hailing from BMS to make its way to the series. Incidentally, both this and Brain Power would fit the parameters to be J-Music (and Brain Power could've been a Neon FM Xross), but after so many snubs for the channel this mix, I assumed they would be World Music in keeping with the pattern, an assumption that was proven correct with the trailer proper.

-Harmageddon has been teased to be coming to 2.06.

Chart and rhythm game nerd, currently a stepartist for the TrotMania fangame series and the one person who cares about the Japan Hot 100 enough to try to predict its year-end on a weekly basis.

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