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Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum.

This could be for one of two reasons.

1) Are you trying to create a new thread in the "PIU General" forum and are getting this error? Fix this by go to the Download Center and click the "allowance request" link in the top right hand corner. Once your member group gets bumped up, you will now be able to start new topics here. It should take less than 48 hours for this to happen. Meanwhile, feel free to reply to other threads in the forum or create threads elsewhere. You will still be able to post without problems.

We're sorry about this annoyance, but it is a measure we've taken to counter spambots from starting new threads.

As a positive side effect, however, this "allowance request" will grant you access to most of the hidden files which you can download from the site's Download Center.

2) If your haven't activated your account (your name would display in purple in the bottom of the forum if not), you MUST activate your account before posting anywhere at PH. Check for an e-mail sent to you to activate your account.

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