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Topic: 10 pump songs with the funnest steps ever, Limit it to 10!< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
18:46 CST :: 5/31/2005

Resident Pump pianist and Cornell alumnus

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Group: PH Administrators
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My list:
10) Mr. Larpus Normal. I've loved this routine ever since I tried it for the first time in March '03, and today. when I say I like to take a leisurely walk after playing too many crazy songs, this is what I mean.

9) Love is a Danger Zone Hard. Stream, stream, stream! Another relaxing cool-down song, and like Larpus Normal, I can't resist to do a few little twists in the middle even though I suck at freestyling.

8) Oh! Rosa Crazy. Despite the sad BGA, I can't play this song without a smile on my face, with all the gallops and taps. Especially during the part with the side-to-side gallops!

7) Dr. M Crazy. Love the triple-taps, the runs, the clusters, and the final triple. Still my favorite classical routine.

6) Final Audition Episode 1 Hard. I've always loved how the steps follow the throbbing kick drum in the beginning, and get progressively more complex from then on. I can't quite say I find the Crazy routine fun yet, though :indifferent:

5) Starian Freestyle. I've always loved the spins on Hard, but what's REALLY fun are the mid-spin crossovers on Freestyle. And then of course there's the quad at the end.

4) Can-Can Crazy. Wheeeeeeee! I always considered this one to be the Pump equivalent of an insane sled ride; a screaming nonstop run, with a few bumps along the way, and a very bumpy ending.

3) Hello Crazy. Gallops, M-runs, and nicely placed holds, all of which fit perfectly with the Latin guitar melody. And the steps in the ending measure have to be my favorite ones of any Pump song. A very underrated song IMO.

2) Banya's Techno Repeatorment Remix Single. Come on, you know you want it revived. It wasn't too hard in any mode, but the steps were awesome, and they really fit the beat! I couldn't help but stomp as loud as possible whenever I played this song, simply because I loved the beat so much.

1) Swing Baby Crazy! Now who doesn't love this! Gallop upon gallop upon gallop, crazy triples on the UPbeats, and an ending that throws the best of them together in two measures! One of the only Pump songs that actually taught you to dance, not just step.

What say you guys? All Pump songs and modes ever conceived are considered here.

Current piano projects: None atm.

Some of my performances: Feux D'artifice, by Claude Debussy, La Cathedrale Engloutie, by Debussy, Nocturne in B Major, Op. 62 no. 1, by Frederic Chopin, Ballade no. 1 in G Minor, by Chopin, Amberley Wild Brooks, by John Ireland, Prelude in D Minor, Op. 28 No. 24, by Chopin

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19:15 CST :: 5/31/2005


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10. Beethovan Virus doubles - As sadly over played as it is, I love doing this song, because it was the first 9 I ever passed and was the only song worth playing when we had Prem 3 for 2 or 3 years.

9. Swing Baby crazy - I agree w/ Peace, this song has wicked steps, but unfortunately, the machine we have in town with this song is kept in such poor condition, it drags me away from playing it with as fun as I should.

8. Get Up! crazy - I never get tired of this song - probably since Beethovan's 9th is a personal favorite of mine, and it's awesome to play it with such solid steps.

7. Point Break half doubles - If anyone has played it - you know EXACTLY what I mean =P.

6. Canon D Full crazy - Relaxing beginning, and killer end. I probably would have ranked it higher if I could break my 2 misses on it =P.

5. FAE1 Nightmare - As ridiculous as it sounds, when this song starts I always get so pumped to play it, I just go all out, even if I'm tired. Strange, but when I think about it - fun.

4. Turbo Remix crazy - This is absolutely my favorite song on remix mode. The song is just awesome and steps are just fucking PERFECT. I do it almost every game in Remix station.

3. Solitary 2 crazy - I can't get enough of this song, fast, full of turns, and a killer tune. Also maybe high on my list because I can almost consistantly S it =P - but all cock blockery aside, it's fast paced and the music pumps you to keep up.

2. Eternity nightmare - I play this song whenever I don't know what to play. I play it more than the n00bs play B. Virus and Another Truth. Killer steps with a mellow tune, nice little rhythm and tricky steps make this one fun.

1. Dignity Full Mix crazy - Words cannot describe how god damn perfect these steps are. This is how Dignity SHOULD have been - not full of bullshit everywhere, just AWESOME steps that keep you going. Awesome crowd impresser for regulars and people unfamiliar with pump. The rhythm keeps you very consistant and the M-Walk break was fucking brilliant. Perfectly added drills and a abso-fucking-lutely PERFECT BPM freeze. This is definately Andamiros finest work.

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19:52 CST :: 5/31/2005

The guy with the gun as a leg....

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10. Turbo Remix Crazy- although they kill me in the end, they are so much fun.

9. 2nd Hidden Remix Crazy- definitely the best remix to freestyle at ever!  The beat that goes with it is absolutely amazing and I believe it definitely has the best steps.

8. BMK's Go Away Crazy- the long side turning is absolutely amazing.  It really feels like you're running across the world, even though you're not.  

7.To-ya's Go Away Crazy- same name, but different view.  The triples in a row are just great with the song.  This was one of the first crazies wich I first dropped down for triples and Im glad I did.

6. Love Is A Danger Zone Hard- I must agree with peacemaker.  The long runs are to die for with the beat of the song.  It even goes with the background, kind of.

5. Winter Hard-Although it is played alot, I still love the steps.  The double spin and then the other double spin the other way are so fun!  This also taught me how to side step with that middle run after those jumps.  A great, great piece of work.  

4. Greenhorn Crazy- For the longest time, I could never figure out these steps.  But when I did, I realized how fun the steps were!.  Although people may disagree, I beliieve the steps fit well with the song.

3. Pray Nightmare- The JUMPS! The JUMPS MAN!  They flow so well, and that's hard to do with a string of jumps.

2. Final Audition 3UF Crazy- OMG These steps are fantastic.  Once I evenually get the strange runs down, It'll be even more fun for me.  Plus, the 32nd string is so original!  It's never really been seen in any song, which is why I like it.

1. We Can't Stop Nightmare- Definitely the best steps of all time.  They are absolutely PERFECT!!!  The great beat to the song adds on to the funness of the steps.  I will never, ever get tired of this song or it's steps.


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21:23 CST :: 5/31/2005

Love is a Miss Zone


Group: PH Administrators
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Not in any true order...

1. D Gang crazy - I always got a kick out of the Triple! Triple! then 16th run. And the ending also, Its not always on beat and has this tense feeling. The song itself was a fav of mine like forever.

2. Monkey Magic Hard- Omg, you can't hate the jumping spree. It was the most fun jump session i had since like Come Back.

3. We Dont Stop Crazy - I love how this one flows, and with the happy BG it helps.

4. Point Break Half Doubles - Mini is right, they kick ass to the max.

5. To the top Hard - 16th notes! In Hard! Whee!

6. Get Lost (BMK) crazy - I kinda like 1 and 2 e and thing they do through out the song.

7. Pump Jump Hard - I whored this song, It was much fun.

8. Shake that Bootie Hard - An almost freestyle to this song, Its so... not hard, but just amusing fun, and the steps have no threats, you can gooff around and still pass.

9. (wants to say Wayo Wayo Crazy XP) Actually, I always loved An Interesting View Hard... D pass in the past, i want to try again! The steps were funny, and you laugh while doing them! (Well the song does, you laugh step)

10 Summer of Love Crazy - The middle rap, is like god. Such turns, lots of fun!


01:08 CST :: 6/01/2005

"Pump haven en espa?ol" moderator

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I'll only say one song:


Akira San Special Edition...hi-ya!!

01:16 CST :: 6/01/2005

Ready for the zombie apocalypse


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1.) Hatred (hard) I hadnt played this song b4. I did once night and during the chours when you jump jump and down  I was throwing my hands around and having SOOO much fun!

2.) Come to me/clon (hard/old steps) They changed the steps on Exceed2. I was kinda shocked. I had so much fun doing this song in my younger years of PUMP.

3.) Pierott (hard/old steps) I think they changed the steps... the old steps were really fun.

4.) Betrayer (crazy) This was the 1st song I was able to pass/S on crazy. I was soooo Happy!

5.) Beethoven Virus (normal) Yeah I know its easy, but whenever my younger brother plays it, I have fun doing it backwards!

err... kinda tired... but ive got adreline in me too from finding out some info about a secret... doesnt make sence... Ill finish later


01:27 CST :: 6/01/2005

PH Webmaster

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Like Koop, in no particular order:

1) Point Break (Half Double) - the spins in this thing are unlike anything ever done in any other song. If you can spin the whole way along with it, dude, it's FUN.

2) Top City (Crazy) - so simple, so stupid, yet so fun. There's nothing too creative about these steps, but I have a blast every time I play it, so that's all that matters. Nyah.

3) We Don't Stop (Nightmare) - dude, w00t. This song just screams fun. Simple as that.

4) Pump Jump (Crazy) - nothing is as awesome as getting the attention a song like this makes you get. Especially if you pwn the song and impress everyone.

5) Unforgettable Memory (XX Double) - everyone always hates on these steps, and that makes me sad. It's simple, yes, but it takes out the draining parts of the Crazy mode and only leaves the fun. So I love it.

6) Tell Me (Hard) - such a damn shame this song is so neglected. And also such a shame that it only appears on one mode. It's so simple, but fun, and if I'm forced to play a Premiere 3, I play this song every time.

7) Will o' the Wisp (Half Double) - this is my ultimate "show of but not kill myself" song. One where I can continue going on with insane crap yet still kick ass and get an easy A. Fun.

8) Funky Jockey (Double) - omgies. This is just pure fun. I don't need to say anything else. I love it.

9) Dignity (Double: beta) -  :cry: WHYYY did Andamiro drop these steps. They're maybe a level 6 or 7 old scale... it's so fun and so perfect and so entertaining. Seriously, it's perfect. My fave of all time.

10) Pump Me Amadeus (Double: beta) - and this one wins an honorable mention. Also very easy, but this is ultimate proof that a song doesn't need to be difficult to be fun.

And I'd also like to mention Shake It Up and Valenti Nightmare beta, Final Audition Episode 1, and Canon-D Nightmare, because their absurd insane steps make me roofle.

01:45 CST :: 6/01/2005

hates you.

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Group: PH Veterans
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Oooh...I gotta think about this...hmmn...

10. Love is a Danger Zone HD - Excellent stepper song for beginning steppers.

9. Love Song NM - OMG I never noticed this song before the Nightmare steps came out. Now it's one of my favorites. Beautiful steps.

8. Run to You FS - Easy to pick up, easy to play, easy to freestyle to.

7. Go HD - Best song on Hard there is. Simple as that. Really really fun.

6. Hatred CZ - Beautiful steps. Great way to bring life back to a classic.

5. U NM Probably the most fun nightmare. It goes with the song great. The gallops are really well done as are the runs.

4. My Fantasy CZ OMG Such a fun easy Crazy song. Bring it Back AM!

3. Blazing CZ - Awesome runs. It feels like your playing the Classical Guitar piece with your feet.

2. Born to be Alive CZ - The steps for this song couldn't have been done better. Really fun runs that flow together that are not too difficult and go excellently with the song.

1.Csikos Post CZ - Awesome set of steps blend perfectly together. Drills, Triples, it's practically got it all. Challenging, but not too difficult, Just plain awesome.


06:26 CST :: 6/01/2005

Love is a Miss Zone


Group: PH Administrators
Location: MD
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Level 6... and DIGNITY!? Thats something i'd want to see.


09:32 CST :: 6/01/2005

I'm renting this space. If you're interested, contact me


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no order:

Dr.M Division All-Wild: The first song that came to my head - Cmon, everybody loves that PIU-1 PIU-3 PIU-1 PIU-5 PIU-1 PIU-9 PIU-1 PIU-5 PIU-1 PIU-3 thing xD

Wisp All Wild: 151 1515151 15151515151515151 51515151515151515115151515151515151.... <---it says all

Point Break Half-Double: The first Half-Double song I played, and the song starts with a spin. (Only now I realize how P2 was cool... o.0)

Love is a danger Zone hard: Non-Stop

Ok? Ok! Double: It was one of my favorites when I started playing

Cho Ryum Double: OOOOOLEOLEO (Z+Q QE79)

Beat of the war crazy: very nice  song, because of the doubles at the middle of the song, followed by the BPM rising

Wayo Wayo Double: the most cute song of all. Start jumping like a bunny NOW!

Holiday Crazy: since I'm a triple addicted...

Another Truth Nightmare: Due to the same reasons, and this song has a special meaning to me, since I needed to train a lot to A this song

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