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Posted by: davyn on 23:22 CST :: 3/27/2018

< Official Homepage >

Alpha Test registration: < >

Registration is from March 27th to March 30th.
Invitations will be sent via email on April 3rd.
The alpha test will run from April 4th to April 15th.
(All dates are in KST)

Alpha test will be Android only. It also says it's only open to people in Korea. Alpha test scores and data will be deleted after the test is over. Those who participate in the alpha test will receive a special in-game item when the full version launches.

Posted by: Nico on 08:35 CST :: 3/28/2018

Fingers crossed that the final version of the game gets an iOS release too.

< >

It looks like, from the site and the background, all the Prime originals and normal world music (and maybe Prime 2 as well) are headed for the game, but the only things in without a shadow of a doubt so far are:

Nemesis / M2U
Latino Virus / Warak
Yog Sothoth / Nato
Silhouette Effect / Nato
Milky Way Galaxy / 3R2
video out c / Vospi
Reminiscence / MAX

While the following play on the site but aren't in the screenshot:

Moment Day / MAX
Kasou Shinja / MAX

Other things of note:

-The difficulty icon highlights that the chart is Single, so maybe there'll be Doubles play in there too (or it's just to separate Single from Single Performance)
-This game has a new noteskin and will have a noteskin selector.
-M-mods, aka Auto-Velocity, will be part of this game.
-The game appears to be split into version categories, with the shown folder being Prime ~ Prime 2.
-Whether it's through a 3rd party or themselves, there appears to be a profile system built in. Maybe it connects to your arcade profile?
-Shop could be one of a few things: it could just be an unlock store where you use points earned in-game, it could be a DLC store to purchase additional tracks or noteskins, or it could be a microtransaction store if this game uses a stamina system that isn't visible. *Don't be the last one, don't be the last one* The fact that it's not accessible in the test doesn't narrow it down, because that could be because they just want to focus the test on the engine, so no unlocks, or they don't want to tax the servers with queries for content and have to honor pre-release purchases.
-I have no clue what Scout could entail.
-Training is back, but it could be a lesson mode ala the NX series, or it could be like StepMania's practice mode.
-There's a search button, presumably for songs, so I'm guessing they're planning to support a decent portion of the library.
-Difficulty select is probably the next screen, but I'm wary of the fact that no chart list is on the Song Select itself...

Posted by: MANIATICO on 21:47 CST :: 3/28/2018

my chinese friend create similar game
check the below link , open it in your smartphone you can play PIU Steps
< >

< >

check the video on youtube

is fun

Posted by: Turkeyslam on 02:18 CST :: 4/02/2018

Hey Nico, I'm lazy. Type out a news post about this and I'll bump it to the front page.
Posted by: davyn on 06:39 CST :: 6/16/2018

Closed Beta Test info:

Application Period: 6/15-6/19
Test announcement: 6/21-6/22
Test time period: 6/22-7/2 KST
Game Version 6.0

Here is the official review application document for everyone interested: < >

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