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Posted by: PaRtYbOy on 18:54 CST :: 4/04/2011

Just like the title, what operating system are you using on your pc?

I'm running Windows 7, came preloaded on my laptop. But from time-to-time, I boot up Ubuntu Linux from a flash drive. I'm still really new to Linux, so I'm not really sure how to do much of anything with it, still can't even really run any programs other than the Chromium web browser on it (Isn't it just Google Chrome with a different name?) Anybody with any tips on it, feel free to help me out, haha. I know Linix takes a lot of tweaking and stuff to run it, but I've heard good things about it, so I use it every now and then.

So, what are you guys running?

Posted by: Pawprint on 22:27 CST :: 4/04/2011

XP on my main machine, Win 7 in the living room (my Media Center PC, even though I don't actually use the Media Center program). XP on the machine in the Pump room (for recording video).
Posted by: davyn on 23:08 CST :: 4/04/2011

< Red Star. >
Posted by: Guest on 01:33 CST :: 4/05/2011

Windows 7 Ultimate + Windows Virtual Machine with windows Xp, both for play Piu and Trouble Witches
Posted by: valius on 02:35 CST :: 4/05/2011

Windows 7 and Ubuntu on main desktop.  MacBook Pro has Mac OS X (of course) and Windows 7
Posted by: MADDJAKKAL on 16:53 CST :: 4/12/2011

Windows 7 and Ubuntu for desktop, OSX86 and Ubuntu on notebook.
Posted by: mik3 on 14:03 CST :: 4/15/2011

XP home edition on this piece of junk (really..its THE JUNK  :( )
Posted by: FSX on 22:49 CST :: 4/28/2011

Ubuntu on my laptop. Other computers in the house run Windows (specifically 7, Vista, and Server 2003). One other computer runs Ubuntu, as well.
Posted by: Mimi-Loves-You-All on 01:08 CST :: 4/30/2011

Windows 7 on my first PC
Windows XP on my other PC (I don't use it)
Windows Vista on laptop
Windows 7 on my personal laptop

Posted by: DJ_Doc on 09:22 CST :: 5/01/2011

I have a MacBook Pro that has Mac OS X, Windows 7 on my wife's laptop, Vista on my son's notebook, and for the main computer we still have Windows XP
Posted by: Guest on 18:54 CST :: 7/11/2011

I have window 7 sp1. :)
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