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17:15 CST :: 4/07/2005

I am the Hangook Jin

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i miss them! dam i kinda wish we still have the old prex in our arcade again....so any other people feel like me?

17:30 CST :: 4/07/2005

The fat asian who can dance


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um.... im just posting here cause i feel sad that no one posted anything...  anyway.  im korean too.  DAE HAN MEEN GUK .. .. . GOON DENG EE LEUL .. .. . (ONETWO song).  i kinda do miss the old pump it up premiere 2 though.  it had chance to adios and swing baby.  I miss doing them on crazy and people oooing and ahhing


17:32 CST :: 4/07/2005

Love is a Miss Zone


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Premiere 1
minus the booshwha Pop stuff (minus Take on Me) it was the best mix ever for me.


19:14 CST :: 4/07/2005

The guy with the gun as a leg....

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To some extent I miss Premiere 2, Temptation and Runaway and Y and many others I really liked and I wish they were on Exceed


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19:22 CST :: 4/07/2005

I'm renting this space. If you're interested, contact me


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Of course I miss them... You can't even imagine how happy I felt when I found some of my favorite oldies, like Aesoo and OK? OK!...

And when I played Swing Baby and I Will Accept You in a hacked machine... I almost cried :)

I still wonder why Andamiro created Premiere 3... it's the worst version ever :wtf:

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19:45 CST :: 4/07/2005

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Extra and Prex 1... I've already said that Prex 1 is my favourite version... and I never liked that a version eats the rest... it seems that songs like I Will Accept You or Park Jin Young's Remix are worthless because they're not in exceed songs (the taijiboys songs worthless??? UNFORGETTABLE MEMORY WORTHLESS???) and I prefer these jewels much more than the newer songs... everybody loves exceed 2, but they only talk about Canon-D or I'll Give You All My Love (and no matter what you'd say, but I hate them both with all my soul), I've never heard about Go Away, Sajahu or Eternity (my Exceed 2-new-song favourite) so, they love this version and hate the rest only because it has 2 songs??? I miss the oldie Extra a lot (despite its bugs, lack of programation and else...) I miss THE SONGS, and the feeling I had when I played it...

EDIT: one moment... I've played the rebirth, it could have been a good PIU but it only had the new songs (from Dr. M to Csikos Post) that are nice songs but most of them have horrible steps (Prison Without Arms made me cry... there's nothing worse than a song that you like very much with the worst steps I've ever seen  :( ) but it seems that the Premiere 2 has the older songs... is it true?

if it is so... I want a premiere 2!! :P

Edited by NVK on 19:52 CST :: 4/07/2005

20:15 CST :: 4/07/2005


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I miss Premiere 2... thats about it... I played the crap out of PREX1 and Premiere 1... no reason to go back that far... Extra yeah I'd miss that if I played it.

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20:51 CST :: 4/07/2005

Representing Pumpcore.com

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prex 2............i havent played a mix better than it other than exceed 2.  i would kill to play it again


20:52 CST :: 4/07/2005




I guess I'm very lucky to have an extra around here...although I want my Prex 1 back.

21:26 CST :: 4/07/2005

**Level 4 PH Member**

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the version i miss the most is rebirth, i only got to play it twice before the place got closed :( i really miss 'always'. the other one is perfect collection, it had many good songs (in terms of style, not steps) but there were some underestimated and left out in recent versions. but i'm lucky to have one 'the collection' and a hacked prex3 with the missing songs together :)

they're dont have 'always' though...

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