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11:37 CST :: 12/09/2016

PH Webmaster

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Due to popular demand (believe it or not), I have compiled a slight nostalgia bomb for you guys.

I decided to dump everything from my extremely disorganized and largely abandoned Kick It Up folder into a collection to play on my StepF2 machine. It includes every KSF-based song I ever had on my computer, including lots of unreleased and unfinished shit. 456 songs total.

This collection is a colossal mess, and I'm providing it as is. This is intended for people to dump on their StepF2 collections, but they're all fully functional Kick It Up files. Many songs with BPM changes may not work in StepF2, and I apologize for that in advance. The one courtesy I did make is to delete any files I had that crash StepF2.

Fair warning: time has not been friendly to this old content. A lot of it is laughably horrible. But if you were playing KIU in the early years, I definitely have shit you forgot about.
A second collection with miscellaneous bullshit from the PH Stepmakers section will come soon.


EDIT: keep in mind that 99% of the levels are wrong. If the song only has charts of level 4, 8, and 14, ignore the level entirely. S4 = Easy, S8 = Hard, S14 = Crazy, D8 = Freestyle, D14 = Nightmare. If the levels cap at 9 where it doesn't seem to make sense, it uses a DDR scale or the old pre-Exceed PIU scale.

08:59 CST :: 12/10/2016

*Level 3 PH Member*

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This is pretty awesome! Thanks a bunch!



14:55 CST :: 2/03/2017

*Level 1 PH Member*

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Ill be checking it out, thanks a lot

20:52 CST :: 6/02/2017

PIU is more than a game, Its a sport!

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If thee are .ksf then I can use it on Direct move for android. Helps pass by the time on long flights, thanks.

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