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Posted by: valius on 19:15 CST :: 11/22/2005

A mod is a code or option you can enter to make easier or more diffcult the steps of a song you wish to play.  Mods also appear in many other rhythm games other than Pump It Up.

In Pump It Up, mods are used heavily during casual and even tournament play.  The most frequently used and most often necessary mods are the speed mods.

What is a speed mod?  It is a mod that increases the distance between each step to make it easier to read while increasing the speed at which the steps scroll up.  For most normal Pump It Up steps in Normal and Hard mode (as well as the easier Crazy Mode songs), activating the 2x speed mod makes the step speed comfortable for most people.  As players begin to approach the more difficult Crazy mode steps, some begin to activate the 3x speed mod or even the 4x speed mod for certain songs; the reason for this is that the steps become more close together requiring more distance in order for most people to see the steps clearly.

A mod in Pump It Up is usually activated through entering a code.  For instance, the code for the 2x speed mod in the newest version Exceed 2 is Up Left, Up Right, Up Left, Up Right, Center.

Other types of mods are mods that make the steps disappear completely, make the steps come up and vanish near the step, make the steps scroll up in a strange way, etc.  Many of these mods should be seen to be truly understood. :)  There also older, now defunct mods such as Rush Mode, which made the song move at 1.3 times the original speed, as well as Couple Mode which made steps meant to be done for two people.

Many other mods and the codes to be activated can be found here on Pumphaven, and the site has even organized them according to version.

< Exceed 2 Codes >

< Older version codes >

If you have any further questions about mods, just ask around PH or PM a mod or admin about it.  Have fun! :)

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