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18:00 CST :: 12/19/2014




Quote (xConjo @ 14:05 CST :: 12/19/2014)
Try to use this one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mxpumpers/543791579019259/
1. Delete nx2_save / nx2_rank / nxa_save / nxa_rank files (Or format as FAT32)
2. Disconnect your USB
3. Open .exe as Admin
4. Connect your USB USB
5. Ta-Da!

I appreciate the link! I'll get back to this forum after I try it out later today

15:28 CST :: 9/04/2016

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Hello,i use this and it works,but i can not use items,why?

17:08 CST :: 9/07/2017

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If the creator still cares about this project and would like applying a fix, see below!

There is a weird bug where if you use numbers in your name, some weird stuff happens. I.e. If I use "s34n", the USB screen looks kinda garbled and my scores save as "34", not "s34n". If I enter "SEAN", my USB profile page looks like "SEAN 93", but my scores do save as "SEAN". I haven't tested with all 8 characters, but maybe it's an issue with white-spacing, not really sure! This was tested with an existing profile created by the machine, for profile renaming only.

Edited by s34n on 17:09 CST :: 9/07/2017

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