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Posted by: gotmilk0112 on 20:44 CST :: 6/24/2019

So a local arcade has an old FX cab running NX, and I want to upgrade it to NX2. What do I need, in order to do that?

Someone told me that you just need to swap the hard drive, but someone else said that you also need some kind of USB / dongle. Which is it?

Posted by: osvixx on 12:32 CST :: 6/25/2019

Yup, you just need to swap HDD which it needs an USB key to being able to play it. If you buy an original HDD it will come with this USB key dongle. So you will need to swap both HDD and USB.

As per this is a FX cab you will not require an USB box, you just only have to connect the USB cables directly to the MK Board (CPU / PC Board) and in the operator menu go to USB and insert an USB to player 1 port and in operator go to player 1 and press the other button (i dont know specific names sorry hahaha) to set it as player 1 and do the same but in the other usb port and for player 2.

Now if you wanna play worldmax from the beginning there is a guide here in this forum, search it like NX2 Profile Makers and follow the instructions

Posted by: gotmilk0112 on 06:39 CST :: 6/26/2019

Ah, nice. So whoever I buy the official HDD from, I should make sure it has the USB key too?
Posted by: osvixx on 10:18 CST :: 6/26/2019

Yup, it's a blue USB
Posted by: gotmilk0112 on 20:23 CST :: 6/26/2019

Also, for that profile-maker thing, I actually have one of the original NX2 USB sticks (the white one with Pump logo on it), will that work?
Posted by: osvixx on 16:39 CST :: 7/02/2019

upsss sorry for the late reply, but yes. if you already have your own nx2 data then don't create a new one unless you tranferred this data to NXA or you want to play WorldMax from 0%.

Also consider to create a backup of you old data

Posted by: gotmilk0112 on 07:35 CST :: 7/04/2019

I don't have any NX2 data. I have the USB, but never got it to work with the single NX2 machine that was in my area 10 years ago.
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