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Posted by: valius on 00:36 CST :: 6/01/2006

Because of the separation of Yahpp, former leader of Banya, from Banya itself, this list will have an extra marker to indicate if a song has been confirmed to have been done by Yahpp.

This info is courtesy of Turkeyslam with slight edits from me:

* - denotes that this song has a full version
Y - denotes that this song was done by Yahpp

1st Dance Floor:
-Ignition Starts

2nd Dance Floor:
-Creamy Skinny
-Final Audition*(Y)

3rd OBG:
-Final Audition 2(Y)
-Turkey March
-With My Lover
-An Interesting View
-Close Your Eyes
-Free Style
-Midnight Blue
-She Likes Pizza*
-Pumping Up

3rd SE:
-Oh! Rosa*
-First Love*
-Mr. Larpus*

Perfect Collection:
-Pump Jump*
-Rolling Christmas
-All I Want For X-Mas
-Beethoven Virus

-Chicken Wing
-Final Audition Episode 1(Y)

-Dr. M
-Get Your Groove On*
-Love is a Danger Zone(Y)
-Mission Possible*
-My Way*
-Point Break*
-Street Show Down
-Will o' the Wisp
-Till the End of Time
-Oy Oy Oy*
-We Will Meet Again*
-Miss's Story*(Y)
-Set Me Up
-Dance With Me*

Premiere 2:
-Csikos Post

Premiere 3:
-D Gang
-Beat of the War(Y)

Prex 3:
-Come to Me(Y)

-Final Audition 3 U.F(Y)
-Naissance 2
-Monkey Fingers
-Pump Me Amadeus
-Get Up!
-Oh! Rosa (Spanish Version)*
-First Love (Spanish Version)*

Exceed 2:
-J Bong
-Solitary 2(Y)

-Beat of the War 2*(Y)
-Witch Doctor(Y)
-Love is a Danger Zone 2*(Y)
-Papa Gonzales

-2006 Love Song
-Ugly Dee
-Gun Rock
-Do You Know That -Old School-
-Bullfighter's Song
-Witch Doctor #1(Y)
-Final Audition 2-1(Y)
-Final Audition 2-2(Y)
-Arch of Darkness*(Y)

Unreleased (not in Pump):
-Going Home*
-Golden Tears*
-Let Me Break It Down*
-Warm Shadow In Stranger's Eyes*
-Lord Jikji*(Y)
-Orient Analog*(Y)
-Canon-D Technova*(Y)

And for the ones who want it, for completion's sake:
Pump remixes:
-Techno Repeatorment Remix (original)
-Ignition/Hypnosis/Extravaganza Remix
-Banya Hip-Hop Remix
-Banya Classic Remix
-Canon-D Full Mix
-Treme-Vook of the War
-Try to B.P.M - LIADZ
-BanYa-P Classic

Songs remixed and credited as remixed by Yahpp:
U Inside My Dim Memory by Hyun Jin Young (remixed for NX)
My Brother Is A Street Singer by Park Hyang Lim (remixed for NX)

Will update this list as more Banya songs are known/released.

Posted by: valius on 17:05 CST :: 1/17/2007

1/17/07: Song list updated due to the release of a new mix.
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