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Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 07:49 CST :: 8/21/2014

Going to have to move soon and seriously have to lighten my load and get some cash. So I will be selling a handfull of things, and since I am sick of constantly communicating the same information to person after person, It will be posted here.

Pump it up Pro-X (HDD / MK / Remotes / Manual)
< >

Pump it up Arcade Dancepad (One side)
< >
< >
(Note: If you want both sides I can do them both for 500, but the other side has not recieved a replacement set of arrows yet, So it will be missing two arrows)

NX2 HDD + Lockchip - Sold
< >

MK3 w/Perfect collection (korea) $350 -Sold

Pump it up SD Bezel - $50

Pump it up SD Bezel support bar - $30

Pump it up SD Acrylic speaker cover $50 (I have the metal frame as well, but if you want it you have to throw in more for shipping)

Pump it up 3rd dancefloor (PC) - $300 (Now I have set this high since I dont HAVE to sell it due to its size, But, Seeing as money is something needed I will toss this up here for the hell of it)

Horribly home made metal pump pad - $20 (Local pickup onlyyyy it is NOT worth shipping.)

andd (doubt anyone will want these)
CFW Fatty PS3 Junker - $75 (No bluray drive, and when I say junker PS3 I mean it, It turns on, Plays whatever you transfer to the HDD via FTP / LAN, and thats all, Core with no controllers or connectors.)


I also have a few marquees...but, I dont see myself selling them since they can just go on the wall and not take up space. If someone offers high enough they can buy my GX cab too. which has essentially gone unused its entire life. never been in an arcade and has 18 plays on the game count. It would include two dancepads both in near factory condition aside from a few scrapes from moving them + the lights have been replaced with andamiro LED strips. < >

And... Yes I am aware there is a trade section. But. Lets face it, That page seems to go unnoticed 95% of the time. so. Bear with me and overlook this thread if you feel it is unfitting.

Feel free to ask questions. Ill be moving somewhere in October. So factoring in delays from getting trucks moving and finding shipping companies I gotta sellsellsell~!

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