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15:40 CST :: 5/03/2015




Need to add this:
Chapter 2:
Stage 1: Single 7 - Life above 90
Stage 2: Single 10 - Life below 10
Stage 3: Single 15 - Life below 5
Stage 4: BME Step - Survive.
Stage 1: Single 9 - Survive
Stage 2: Single 12 - Survive
Stage 3: Single 16 -
Stage 4: EXC Twist - Survive
Stage 1: Single 6 - 100 great
Stage 2: Single 8 - 200 great
Stage 3: Single 15 - Not remember, about 250-300 great
Stage 4: OSING step - Survive
Chicken Wing
Stage 1: Single 10 - Clear on A or below
Stage 2: Single 17 - Clear on B or below
Stage 3: Single 19 - Clear on C or below
Stage 4: SHPAM Wing - Survive (Lol dat name xD).
Super fantasy
Stage 1: Single 16: Combo below... Not sure 200 or 100.
Stage 2: Single 19: Combo below 100 or 90
Stage 3: Double 21: Combo below 75
Stage 4: EXC Fantasy: Survive

17:04 CST :: 10/02/2015

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still waiting for a full list like the nx2/nxa someone do it for this site <3

i know some songs have crazy mods like the "hate don't hate" 0.5x? , the XJ charts, etc

17:15 CST :: 2/03/2016

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Unfortunately when i began to play,it was 2013...the mission is less and less,become simplify, i want to download stepnx2 and stepnxa,but all the links are borken,does someone have them?please send to me,i really want to play...please...

18:47 CST :: 4/01/2016

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Quote (RaúlCamOv @ 19:34 CST :: 3/22/2015)
Man, what a dissapointment is the mission section this time.  :indifferent:

But I saw this coming, almost everybody I know who play Pump don't give a damn about missions, as most casuals do. They would not put an effort on a mode very few people play. As a mission player, I would like AM to at least bring back classic missions and charts from them that were popular or fun. They can at least do that, can't they? :(

Yeah, I could never really get into the Mission stuff. In NX2 it was because the USB didn't work, and in Fiesta, it was because of confusing missions where I just have no idea what I'm supposed to do. Though I suppose that was a problem in NX2 as well.

Like how am I supposed to know that "defend all" means "don't hit any arrows" ?

The mission zones were a nice concept, but yeah, I'd rather just play normal Pump. I did enjoy crazy crap like "Pump Pump Revolution", those were cool. But from what I remember of Fiesta's mission zone, a lot of them were just "survive until the end" or "get XX hidden arrows" and such.

But yes, there are a lot of charts that I would love to see come back as Anothers/Performances, like the *EHNE Deja Vu Full chart from WorldMAX. They partially brought that back as a Single chart, but I wanna play the original Double chart! They put so much work into making all these unique charts for mission zone; it'd be a shame for them to just be lost to time.

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23:58 CST :: 4/17/2016

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I think the mission zone is interesting. I've never played them on previous machines. I barely even heard of them. So from fresh eyes it's interesting. I've passed about 10 missions so far, I believe. I agree that I don't like the ones in which you have to do poorly to pass. DDR had that same problem on its mission modes on the home versions.  But it's definitely keeping enough interest for me to play them for a while along with regular song playing. Plus I like getting the experience/PP points for them.


21:42 CST :: 4/18/2016

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If you ever run into NX2 or NXA, their mission mode makes recent games' missions look like a boring walk in the park. WorldMax, in my opinion, is the best thing that's ever happened to Pump.

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