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14:45 CST :: 4/30/2016

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For some reason, when I set F2 to Full Screen, the screen flashes every time a song's BGA preview appears, on the song select screen.

If I just scroll through the songs, nothing abnormal happens, but when I stop on a song and its BGA appears in the preview window, the whole screen goes blank for about 1/4 of a second.

This *only* happens in Full Screen, it doesn't happen in Windowed mode.

Anyone know what's going on? I've tried playing around with various settings like the resolution, or changing it between OpenGL and DirectX, but nothing seems to fix it.

Okay, apparently removing my system's paging file made this problem go away. Either that or the switch to DirectX didn't take effect until after I restarted Stepmania.

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21:32 CST :: 4/30/2016

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It was the latter. When the option for OpenGL was added, a note was made that restarting the program was necessary for changes between the two modes to take effect.

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