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Posted by: Nico on 09:57 CST :: 8/14/2019

The next patch is coming August 29, with the following content:

Heart Rabbit Coaster / Nato
Tantanmen / Memme

Black Cat / Turbo
King of Sales / Norazo

World Music
F®IEND / d_aan

Rising Star / M2U

Full Song
Starry Night / Mamamoo

Dignity / Crash

-Black Cat is using the original version of the track with the corresponding music video, and is being regarded as a new track.
-Dignity is the third licensed Korean track added prior to Prime 2 that's available in XX. After sitting out Prime 2 in its entirety, it has made its return to the series.
-2 more of the Character Creation Contest winners are making appearances in this patch's content. The 1st place winner's character is in Rising Day (affirming that the O2Jam Xross songs are definitely here to stay) and the 4th place winner's characters are in Heart Rabbit Coaster.
-As expected, another batch of missions is coming, but also another batch of freestyle charts, delving into the stuff patches have been adding.
-Desaparecer, the mashup of Applesoda's Vanish and Max's Sarabande, is receiving a BGA in this patch courtesy of Lyrebird Ferdinant.
-The next patch will have Dreamcatcher's "Full Moon", extending their standing as the licensed Korean artist with the most tracks in the game (5).

Posted by: RaślCamOv on 11:31 CST :: 8/14/2019

Full Moon instead of Piri? Blasphemy.

Totally called Dignity coming back, honestly.

Posted by: osvixx on 10:33 CST :: 8/16/2019


Dignity would be in PIU XX/New Songs folder or it would be in Exceed to Zero Folder? or maybe in New Song and Exceed to Zero folder as well?  :suspicious:

Posted by: RaślCamOv on 13:32 CST :: 8/16/2019

It should be where it belongs, and that is the Exceed~Zero folder.
Posted by: TheCeruleanEmerald on 22:11 CST :: 8/16/2019

Does anyone know if Dignity Full Song will also be revived?
Posted by: osvixx on 09:44 CST :: 8/19/2019

Quote (TheCeruleanEmerald @ 22:11 CST :: 8/16/2019)
Does anyone know if Dignity Full Song will also be revived?

Yes, Dignity Full has been revived too

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