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Topic: The iRenew Bracelet, Biggest scam ever, or a new PIU tool?< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
09:35 CST :: 6/02/2010

Chris Lee
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ok, I just saw a quick commercial about this thing called the iRenew bracelet that "sends a frequency attuned to the human frequency" or some bullshit like that. It is supposed to "naturally balance you out". They showed people in a mall that have no balance, they put the bracelet on, and then they don't stumble or anything. It looks so frickin fake, but then it got me wondering..... if this thing actually works (HAH), you think it would help keeping balance and stability while playing Pump? I doubt it, but there's always a slim, minute chance.

You get 2 for $20. If anyone knows anyone who wasted money on that, play some Pump with it on, and see if it really "works"


The commercial showed a few clips from this video, but it still looks like this is just a huge scam. if something like this actually existed and worked, we would be seeing it on CNN or something. not on a commercial on the VS. network.

To be continued...

10:26 CST :: 6/02/2010

**PH's most hated member**


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I've read a bunch of good reviews about it, but it honestly isn't worth $20 + however much they charge for shipping, and it just seems a tad bit sketchy no matter how many good reviews people write.


18:55 CST :: 6/02/2010


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I believe it's all in their heads  :D
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10:26 CST :: 6/03/2010

the resident allied medical person here

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Quote (luciusxx @ 20:55 CST :: 6/02/2010)
I believe it's all in their heads  :D

literally put. i mean stuff like balance could only be achieved through good perception and coordination. and i don't really plan on believing that a bracelet could fix any abnormalities relating to those aspects at this time in the early morning in my place. IF there really are any abnormalities in the first place

07:14 CST :: 6/25/2010

i got 2 know

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What's the practical use for it? Help you with balance beams? Even if it worked it's totally pointless.

09:41 CST :: 6/29/2010

a fan of Doraemon

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after this bracelet, what will come out? perhaps a bracelet which make you can see in slow motion, so the run in FAEP2-X will look like the steps in Forever Love easy chart


16:26 CST :: 1/08/2011

Calma, calma... que no panda el cunico!


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Well, here in Ohio I saw those at Walmart for just 12.99


18:24 CST :: 1/08/2011

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Quote (DJ_Doc @ 17:26 CST :: 1/08/2011)
Well, here in Ohio I saw those at Walmart for just 12.99

Oh wow, I just saw one at walmart yesterday for $24.99 :/


19:57 CST :: 1/08/2011

***Level 7 PH Member***

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If you have to pay money for one of these, don't try to get one.

03:23 CST :: 1/10/2011

***Level 8 PH Member***

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Or you can buy the Power Balance bracelet. Or that one brand of bottled water. Or any other number of products that rely on some variation of magnet therapy. Oh but wait, you're just gonna waste your money unless the placebo effect is strong enough to make a worthwhile difference.

The sales methods rely on a certain kind of technique. I can't remember what it's called but it has a Wikipedia page. lol

Power Balance itself has even admitted their product has no science behind it.


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