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21:28 CST :: 12/22/2010

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I have a small Asian child follow me and cup my balls while I play. Hey, it's better than the sweat shop she was working in....

10:30 CST :: 12/23/2010

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LOL, lay off the sauce, Pawprint.   :D

Dallas, TX

22:32 CST :: 12/25/2010

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Tightie Whities always. The imense size of my...thighs...knock my junk down there around and I find doing M-Turns REALLY uncomfortable.

As for shoes, since I don't have any puma tapers I have to settle for some old skechers. Yea skechers. Don't hate.

Now for a shirt, i prefer to use a tight blacks shirts since it feels weird having a sweaty big shirt flying all over the place. and i look sooooo sexy in a tight black shirt ;D lol jk jk

and for shorts? just some standard gym shorts.


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05:13 CST :: 1/06/2011

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usually wear gym shorts and boxers. never had an issue with either riding up. the only song that gives me the issue with my junk smacking me in each thigh, and back and forth at that, is Conga on CZ or NM. when it does whatever this is called with 16th notes. PIU-7  PIU-5  PIU-3  PIU-5  PIU-7  PIU-5  PIU-3  PIU-5  PIU-7 only song to make me consider buying some briefs or a G string, but NEVER tighty whities.

konami sucks! yeah i said it, so sue me
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04:01 CST :: 4/05/2011

what the LOL

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Compression Shorts are so good for dancing games. It totally prevents chafing.

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02:57 CST :: 7/18/2011

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I always wear boxers, regardless of the inconveniences. What you say about boxers riding up is sooo damn true, and so uncomfortable. It's also very awkward whenever people see me sliding my hand down my pants to fix them. Their faces are like :indifferent: and just look somewhere else, after a moment of epic awkwardness with our eyes meeting.

I've also always played with jeans, but it happened to me once that I knocked myself over while playing Toccata another freestyle by stepping on my jeans. Then I started to wear shorts, which is so damn awesome. Why didn't I try them before??

As for footwear, I wear some pumas (I screwed a pair over with just PIU playing, then I bought the very same pumas again, different color).

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13:56 CST :: 7/18/2011


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I always wear my old New Balance shoes. Everything else (shirt, pants, undergarments, etc.) is just whatever. I'm fine with wearing anything. (although, there was a time when I couldn't play wearing jeans... I managed to overcome that...)

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