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Topic: "ode to nimrod" a poem of randomness, Wat can hapn 2those bored in mathclass< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
11:37 CST :: 4/26/2005

Naughty Nogitsune
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3 of my friends and I wrote this poem (w/ the intention of randomness) by passing it around our math-group-table (cosisting of only the four of us), in between taking notes, and each person would write 4lines (on avg). Well this is the CREEPY and STRANGE result that we produced:

"Ode To Nimrod"
1.) Chris Elveru
2.) Tom Enright
3.) Naughty Nogitsune (me, duh!)
4.) Louis Porter

1. Drink like the Devil in
   And Spin the hay the froze tractors
   Say in diesel monotone drone.
2. The Fuel tastes like purple
   and purple smells like water
   the wheels keep on grinding
   the sackcloth through the mill.
3. My soul grinds through,
   Beaten through,
   Dejected and rejected,
   Broken in by the blunt, traumatic force.
4. Force brought on by cosmic chronicles of intervening Kings,
   the tractor drones its Canterbury gospel churning the cadaver lacking the face of my succeeding self.
   Ah, the sweet eternity of nostalgic perdition.
1. Aspirin in my cherry chapstick chapeau
   Put it in a meat grinder raspberry bongo
   Man player, slayer, stare on the train.
2. All your base says Elveru
   crossbow bolt says I
   both have one thing in common
   now you have to die!
3. Death;...
   Consequence coincides,
   With the spirit that resides,
   In the person who actually gives a f*ck,
   Raping you.
4. So, dark, so blue, tangled in the twisted labrynth of one's mind.
   Sexual hyperbole overflows the container mind of a strayed fox.
1. Vector that gives magnetic direction swirls down
   the drain to meet Mr. Clean, Mr. Bubble, and Mr. Sheen.
2. Unit circle Mr. blue, what is the meaning? I tell you
   it means we're lost in an endless
   circular plate. Yes, thats right a plate, a plate
   of angles, lines, vectors and U's.
3. U's and used,
   Randomness owns me now,
   The Lips that speaketh to me,
   Shares with the face of my mind's eye,
   Not of my conscious, but of my dark conscious,
   From sub-levels, a beast within me stirs,
   One of the many.
   It speaks unthinkable things.

(NOTE: We were NOT smoking anything/tripping--we were just randomly stringing imgaes together with words)

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