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09:31 CST :: 6/07/2011

a fan of Doraemon

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uhh, so, hi guys. Long time since I posted in here. I rarely play PIU now. At the moment, I'm busy with stuffs. A lot of stuffs.

Soon, very soon, I'll finish my medical school and I'll be busier than I am now, even though right now it's almost impossible for me to spare some time to play PIU :P

I remembered back when I joined this forum 5 years ago. It was really amazing to have some friends abroad that I only meet on the forum. We laughed a lot, we share a lot of things on the forum.

I really miss those old days. The days when I was still burning for National PIU Festival. The days when I was hunting in the forum like crazy to watch the freestyle videos that won WPF.

I remembered when I still had a lot of spare time back in the NXA era, I made a NXA stepchart collection in JPG format, and later I found that several PIU site put it also on their site. I was really happy at that time because I finally can contribute something to the PIU community.
Actually, I had several writing project that I'd like to put on PH site, such as the fitness effect of PIU, about what muscle you can build, about how it contribute to your cardiovascular health, and so on. Too bad they're never finished written. Not even started, actually.

So, yeah... I'd like to say thanks to everyone that laugh with me during these days. From now on, I will VERY rarely visit this site. Perhaps I will come at a random time just to see how you guys doing or whether you guys are still alive or not :P hahahahahahhh ^_^

I hope you guys don't mind if I made this pointless thread here. I realize that I'm not so famous that a lot of people in the forum knows me (actually, perhaps only the seniors here that know I'm exist). Once again, I just want to say thanks to all of you.

I'd like to share a video I find just now. Please, whatever happens in your life, never lose your hope.

warm greetings from Indonesia,
Andreas Kurniawan

P.S: why the hell am I making this thread?! I must be drunk


11:32 CST :: 6/07/2011

Pump Haven VIP and luciusxx's bitch

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Doc Hollywood !  :)   Enjoy your new life, chasing nurses and dealing drugs (hahaha).  It was good to have you here, in the "old days."  Come back to visit again.  

(nice video)

Dallas, TX

02:44 CST :: 7/18/2011

*****Level 10 PH Member*****

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Well, if it isn't my fellow psychiatrist! :D good to know you're doing well! I'd like to have a chat with you sometime (although I doubt you read this, since you're saying you're not coming here anymore) I am starting to doubt about this med school thing :indifferent:
anyway, I loved the video, very inspirational and stuff :)

may there be success in your life, my friend!

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