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Posted by: XD005 on 03:41 CST :: 6/03/2017

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Hello all, I wanted to share my song pack with you guys.
I'm fairly new to Stepmania charting so I am open to constructive critism on the awkward parts. But anyway, I'm a fairly new player to Pump. I cap out at about S15 and D14 and I didn't feel like there were enough charts for people that are sort of good but not incredibly good so I took matters into my own hands. Hopfully this is in the right section. These charts are optimized for MK9 and do include video. I'll make an MK6 version if enough people request it.

You may download the Matt Pack here:
Beta 0.50
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Currently the package consists of:

Grace - You Don't Own Me (Short Cut)
S8 S12

Robbie Rotten - We Are Number One
S3 S6 S16 D12 (Half) D15 (Half)

Desiigner - Panda (Short Cut)
S8 S13 D10 (Half)

Chris Brown - Fine China
S7 S16

Strongbad - Everybody to The Limit
S6 S16 (Beta)

Charts in Planning Phase or WIP:
Bust a Groove - Blue Knife
Pamyu Pamyu Revolution - PON PON PON

Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 00:20 CST :: 11/19/2017

Why did I not see this post until this very second? Its like the post didnt exist.
Posted by: XD005 on 03:23 CST :: 12/09/2017

Hahah, we're spoiled. That's what happens.
Oh yeah, and here is 24K Magic.
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Posted by: ohnoitschris on 04:03 CST :: 4/26/2018

And I just now saw this myself.
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