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00:18 CST :: 11/30/2005

Stormy Pumper


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KIU stands for Kick It Up, a Pump It Up simulation program that has been around for a very long time.  This program is usually used to play fanmade steps usually made to songs that are not in the official Pump It Up games.  KIU reads the KSF stepfile format, which is recognized as the standard stepfile format for unofficial fanmade Pump It Up steps.  Pumphaven itself is the home of many stepmakers (fans who make their own Pump It Up steps for unofficial songs), an example of which would be Funbox/Turkeyslam, who is the Pumphaven admin.

KIU is also used by some people as a substitute for a Pump It Up home version if they do not have one.  Taking these people into account, numerous sites have made available the KSF files or both the KSF and MP3 files of official songs.

There are two programs used to make KSF files: KSFEdit and KSFCreator.

If you want to get KIU, KSFEdit, or KSFCreator, visit the PH KIU Utilities Page.

For information on how to use KIU and how to add newly downloaded songs, visit the PH KIU User Tutorial.

For some good fanmade song packs downloadable for KIU, visit the PH KIU Stepmaker Page.

There are also two well-known alternatives to KIU for PIU simulation: DirectMove and Stepmania.

DirectMove is a very good alternative to KIU and has a flashy, clean-looking interface as well as the added feature of selecting a song folder to browse.  Of course, there are MANY skins available for KIU that will make KIU look better, while Directmove skins are far fewer in number.  Also, holds register improperly in DirectMove (registers only as 1 step, instead of a series of steps).

To obtain DirectMove, visit the PH KIU Utilities Page and look at the bottom of the page.

Stepmania is a DDR simulator that also has nominal PIU support.  The only problem is that the scoring system is the DDR scoring system and not the PIU system, and it also does not register holds properly.  Finally, the spacing is not the same, because of the conversion from DDR arrows to the awful Stepmania PIU noteskin.  Stepmania, however, does include a very sophisticated step editor which may help you should you decide to make your own steps for either PIU or DDR.

For more info on getting or using Stepmania, visit stepmania.com.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them in the KIU forum or PM a mod or admin with your question.  Enjoy!


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