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Question: How high is your foot arch? :: Total Votes:15
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About the normal height 6  [40.00%]
Probably lower than normal 7  [46.67%]
Probably higher than normal 2  [13.33%]
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23:13 CST :: 7/20/2010

Chris Lee
As time slows down..............

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I'm suprised at how many people here are flat footed. I, Myself, am flat footed, too. Always had trouble running and balance. But i've gotten used to it over the years. As a kid, one of my least favorite things to do was get new shoes. Every new pair I got had this "bump" in them that just dug into my feet and my parents always thought I was faking. But the first few weeks with the new shoes was painful. After a while, my shoe would flatten out, but by then, most of the rest of the shoe was also work out, and a new pair would be in the future. I never knew back then it's because I have flat feet.

Now whenever I get new shoes, I have to get insoles made for a low arch. May be a little more expensive, but the comfort is worth it.

To be continued...

10:11 CST :: 9/17/2010

Teenager Pumper

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I think I have normal foot arch.. I hit triples easily.. I'm pity of my sister.. She hardly hits triples

Game Over ^^

18:23 CST :: 9/20/2010

***Level 8 PH Member***

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I have a normal arch.

19:40 CST :: 9/20/2010

You just got beat up by a girl sucker


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I'm equally surprised by all you flat footers, seems abnormally high for a random sample of people.  Or maybe it's related to everyone playing pump?  Doubt it though

Me and my normal arched size 13.5 (US) feet don't have any trouble with triples at all, especially not in my pair of pumas.  You can really feel the bracket on the pad when you hit them, and it takes away the need to stomp them out since I can just feel where they are and use minimal force.  So I guess it makes life pretty easy

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Quick Reply: How high is your foot arch?

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