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15:04 CST :: 12/24/2008

Pumper Zero
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Music simulation game "DJ MAX Series" for the cases of patent infringement lawsuits

December 24, 2008
Konami digital entertainment company

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "our" to LA), the Korea Game Development firm Penta Vision Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "Penta Vision" is called) and the development and sales of the music simulation game "DJ MAX Series" products (the , saw the "is called) that we believe infringe patents owned by South Korea, and the defendant Penta saw the vision of the product manufacturing, sales and payment of damages to prohibit and to obtain the lawsuit in December 2008 to 23 has brought to the Seoul Central District Court.

The basis of claims of a patent konami music simulation game, one of the basic patent of the Korea Patent No. 294603 (hereafter, "saw the patent" is called), and a variety of effects caused by a higher level of game player a simulation game to enjoy music, a pioneer in this field is a patented technology. matter patent chulwondoen September 16, 1998 in South Korea after 18 days in April 2001 has been registered patent my arc 294,603, the validation August 24, 2006 the Supreme Court declared in 2004 after the 1007 court case, sentenced August 24, 2006 of 2004 cases and 905 patent court ruling and sentenced 2006 Huh February 8, 2007 (farewell) to the ruling of the case by 8170 has been confirmed.

We saw the future without hanhaji to patent, our intellectual property rights infringement for the unauthorized, South Korea based on the intellectual property system, thought it appropriate to take legal action imgwa at the same time, intellectual property is respected and fair are required to be protected.

ⓒ2008 Konami Digital Entertainment Ⓒ 2008 Konami Digital Entertainment

* Source: http://www.konami-korea.kr/announce/announce_081224.html

I saw it coming when DJ Max Technika was announced after JuBeat. :P


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16:21 CST :: 12/24/2008

Oh, They're Undeniable!


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Once again: Konami, you suck.

This is why I refuse to play any Konami games. They can't learn to grow the hell up.


16:55 CST :: 12/24/2008

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part 3?

it's part 5, 6 or something

Andamiro - PIU
Roxor Games - ITG
Mad Catz (?) - Mc Groovz Dance Craze
Harmonix - Guitar Hero
Amuseworld - EZ2DJ
Harmonix again - Rock Band
Pentavision - DJMax

Plus, DDR X has been released and DDR fans are quite disappointed at it.

I had a feeling this could happen with the DJMT/Jubeat issue, but I felt I was exaggerating.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band did succesfully render GF&DM obsolete... and now I'm REALLY hoping that DJ Hero and that other hip hop DJ game do the same with IIDX.

Plus, I don't think Konami would have enough lifetime to sue the avalanche of US rhythm games that GH's popularity is provoking

18:00 CST :: 12/24/2008


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Quote (NVK @ 15:55 CST :: 12/24/2008)
and now I'm REALLY hoping that DJ Hero and that other hip hop DJ game do the same with IIDX.

you know that's definately not going to happen. IIDX has too far of an international fanbase to have those other two american clones bring down IIDX.


20:25 CST :: 12/24/2008

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THIS IS ENOUGH!!!!  :grr:

I'm sick of Konami. So who will be next? Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony? There's Donkey Konga, Taiko Drum, and many others. Come on, who's left in your list Konami? :angry:

21:03 CST :: 12/24/2008

the resident allied medical person here

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22:00 CST :: 12/24/2008

The Rhythm Rogue

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I'm really getting sick of this. Don't they realize how shamelessly pathetic they look?



03:02 CST :: 12/25/2008


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Going after Roxor I could see.

Going after Harmonix for releasing in Japan I could see.

This... what? Konami has a Korean division?



10:14 CST :: 12/25/2008

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Oh goody, another reason for me to add to my list of WHY I will NEVER buy anymore Konami games (besides the fact that their games are quite mediocre.)

First, they've killed In The Groove and pissed off ITG's fanbase, and to add insult on that injury, released TERRIBLE DDR games after successfully obtaining rights to ITG.

Now that Pentavision is doing real well on the PSP, Konami decides that it's time to fuck them over.

Well Konami, you still haven't changed my mind about you. I'm still disappointed in your games, and I'm even more upset that your industry has to resort to litigious actions such as this just because you're getting butthurt. Well guess what, IT'S CALLED COMPETITION! If your game isn't doing so well, it's probably because your game is BORING AS HELL! If someone else's game is doing better than yours, well...


Konami, drop this fucking lawsuit, and go back to fixing and improving your games. That's what you guys need to be focusing on. Seriously, even your fanbase is sorely disappointed in DDR-X, and this time, you can't blame RoXoR for that!

And one more thing, you can't blame Pentavision for beating you to the PSP first.

Edited by Hypr on 10:24 CST :: 12/25/2008

13:15 CST :: 12/25/2008


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Great I'm downloading Pop'n 16 because I'm not paying for stuff from a company that refuses to actually compete.

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Quick Reply: Konami will sue (pt. 3): Pentavision.

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