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Posted by: the_peacemaker on 21:12 CST :: 6/15/2011

I've already mentioned a bit about this in the accomplishments thread, but I'm now in Bloomington, Indiana for graduate school. anyone around here? It seems like the only local machine is the NX1 at the College Mall, but it would be great to know who else is around.
And hey, if you're in, like, Chicago or somewhere else in the Midwest, don't hesitate to speak up, even if I don't know how easy it would be to meet you.

kpopgrrl mentioned a few people in the accomplishments thread - Ledline and Ho-Man - but it would be great to hear from anyone else. :)

Posted by: Arturo on 09:37 CST :: 6/18/2011

I was gonna mention Ho-Man.....Ledline will be moving soon to Korea for more college.
Posted by: Insane Steve on 23:06 CST :: 8/11/2011

I live in NW Indiana right now. A bit late to post but I sort of went inactive for a while.
Posted by: ohnoitschris on 02:15 CST :: 8/14/2011

Louisville KY here, and as far as I know that's your best machine around.  Unless you wanna hit Indianapolis or Louisville.  

Louisville's got 7 machines last I checked, but they're all NX2 or older, and half the machines might as well be held together with duct tape.  Not really an ideal Pump destination, since we've got a major quantity over quality deal going here.

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