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Topic: so.. happy new year 2011!, I don't see any topic about new year yet< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
21:38 CST :: 12/31/2010

a fan of Doraemon

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so everyone, I wish you a happy new year!!! :D

It's been awhile since I last posted here. Well, I was kinda busy with studying and stuffs. Gonna finish my med school this August 2011 if everything goes well :)

So, how are you guys doing?


04:45 CST :: 1/01/2011

Stormy Pumper


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Happy New Year to everyone as well!  (I'm sure almost all of you are now in 2011)


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09:11 CST :: 1/01/2011

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I am expecting so much to happen in 2011. Looking forward to it.


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11:34 CST :: 1/01/2011

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Didn't get trashed this year because I had to do the driving. :indifferent: AMF's are good though.

Happy New Year everyone.

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09:24 CST :: 1/02/2011

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Happy New Year to everyone......and ndre, good luck on the final bit of med school !  Soon, you can heal/kill at will !   haha

Dallas, TX

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Quick Reply: so.. happy new year 2011!

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