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Posted by: Nico on 08:05 CST :: 4/02/2018

You may have noticed recently that Andamiro's set up a new little page for their Korean audiences, < and if you ran quickly by it without a translation, > it doesn't exactly reveal all too much. Well, we're here to help with both the basic stuff and some details that took a bit of sleuthing! The first and most important thing is that:

Pump it Up G, a mobile game confirmed for release on the Android is coming to phones in the imminent future and alpha testing is beginning in just 2 days!

(Note that the application phase for entering the test ended at the end of March, but it was only admissible to South Koreans, which, well, isn't exactly much of our target audience here)

Not that much has been revealed to the public yet about the game...unless you did some page examination and pulled up the screenshot of the game Andamiro's using in the back of their Pump It Up M website, which gives us quite a bit to work with. < Here's the image for reference >, while these are all the little details we can notice from it:

-It looks like, from the site and the background, all the Prime originals and normal world music (and maybe Prime 2 as well) are headed for the game, but the only songs confirmed to be in without a shadow of a doubt so far are:

Nemesis / M2U
Latino Virus / Warak
Yog Sothoth / Nato
Silhouette Effect / Nato
Milky Way Galaxy / 3R2
video out c / Vospi
Reminiscence / MAX

While the following have their instrumentals play on the site but aren't in the screenshot:

Moment Day / MAX
Kasou Shinja / MAX

-The difficulty icon highlights that the chart is Single, so maybe there'll be Doubles play in there too (or it's just to separate Single from Single Performance).
-This game has a new noteskin and will have a noteskin selector.
-M-mods, aka Auto-Velocity, will be part of this game. We don't know if it's taking the place of normal speed mods or if there'll be a choice in that regard.
-The game appears to be split into version categories, with the shown folder being Prime ~ Prime 2, which, as mentioned before, confirms at least one Prime 2 song will be showing up.
-Whether it's through a 3rd party or themselves, there appears to be a profile system built in. Maybe it connects to your arcade profile?
-Shop could be one of a few things: it could just be an unlock store where you use points earned in-game, it could be a DLC store to purchase additional tracks or noteskins, or it could be a microtransaction store if this game uses a stamina system that isn't visible. As a purveyor of other mobile ports of rhythm games, let's just say that last one is really not desirable. The fact that it's not accessible in the test doesn't narrow it down, because that could be because they just want to focus the test on the engine, so no unlocks, or they don't want to tax the servers with queries for content and have to honor pre-release purchases.
-Scout is...well, honestly, I have no clue what Scout could entail. Maybe it's an arcade locator like the BEMANI mobile games do? Maybe it's some sort of mission (like the arcade games) or passive objective (like DJ MAX Technika Q) mode? It's up in the air.
-Training is back, but it could be a lesson mode ala the NX series, or it could be like StepMania's practice mode.
-There's a search button, presumably for songs, so I'm guessing they're planning to support a decent portion of the library.
-Difficulty select is probably the next screen, but I'm wary of the fact that no chart list is on the Song Select itself...

In any case, we'll try our hardest to report anything discovered in the near future by alpha testers, including the songlist and any other features! See you guys soon!

UPDATE (4/10): Not much info has come from the test, but a handful of notes have been derived from recent website updates:

-Though the URL still is titled piumgame, it appears the actual title of the game is Pump it Up G. < A logo > has been revealed on the site.
-It appears the game shall have a new avatar dedicated to it. < Two > < images > of her have appeared on the newly opened forum for alpha testers.

Posted by: Nico on 11:01 CST :: 4/10/2018

Bumping to note the update to OP (also if Turkey wants to make this a news post as he suggested).

Also to show my continuing corny sense of humor through what I did upon my seeing of the current logo:

Posted by: farukoddc on 01:09 CST :: 4/15/2018

Here a new image updated on the official website!

Posted by: Nico on 07:42 CST :: 6/15/2018

The closed beta has begun applications, still Android only at this point.
Posted by: Nico on 13:13 CST :: 7/14/2018

They've been updating the game with songs from the patches, and have included one song that's not in the arcades yet:

BSPower Explosion / Memme

Will it be coming to the arcades? Who knows?

Also, some other details:

-There is a premium currency called Dia. Beta users can't buy it because it's a beta, so they get to demo it out with a gift of them.
-Scout is a gacha system that gets you character icons (think the USB profiles) which provide beneficial effects in gameplay (ala DJ Max Technika Q).

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