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Posted by: coolestofthecool15 on 19:31 CST :: 3/31/2012

Hello PumpHaven community!

Veteran pump players on this site may remember who I am (peacemaker, turkeyslam, etc).  But it has been a very long time and decided that I would like a proper entry back into this community.

I originally joined way back in 2005, a naive immature 15-year-old who had nothing better to do than be addicted to this game.  It had thoroughly changed my life and I had met some of my best friends through this website (though they have all moved on from this game).

In 2007, I started college at the Colorado School of Mines to pursue a degree in chemical engineering.  I still expressed interests in this game and even went to compete in he US Pump Festival of 2007.  After that particular event, I had noticed the impending drama left a definite division of the Pump community.  I never know what happened to the members I once knew (JBoy, Jason Dread, Johnny, Arturo, etc) but I wish them the very best and hope they are doing well.  It was the factors at this event, the hell that is the chemical engineering department, and the introduction to the game Rock Band that made slowly but surely lose interest in the game.

Since then, I am now 22 years old, have graduated college with a BS in Chemical Engineering and now work as a Process Engineer at Jacobs Engineering.  Though my roots are based in Colorado, I am temporarily living in Baton Rouge on work assignment.  Living here has made me realize that the Pump community, though more secluded, is still very much alive.  I decided to play a couple of rounds at the local laser tag and I realized how much I really do miss this community.  Therefore, I am joining back!

So hello to new players and long time no see to the veterans!

PS: Now that I am literally 10 minutes away from Turkeyslam's house, I may stop in for a visit!  :D

Posted by: RaślCamOv on 18:57 CST :: 4/01/2012

I do remember you! Welcome back! :D
Posted by: Arturo on 10:48 CST :: 4/02/2012

Hey, welcome back !  Nice to see you're doing well !!
Posted by: the_peacemaker on 13:06 CST :: 4/02/2012

I saw your username and I thought I was getting trolled on April Fool's Day. I almost can't believe you're back. Things have changed for me too - I'm 25 and I'm a graduate student in accounting at the business in Indiana University-Bloomington, of all things. Yep, I was a linguistics major and now I'm here.
Welcome back coolest! With your proximity to Turkeyslam you'll be putting me to shame again at this game in no time. :wink:

And don't worry, I was no more mature than you were at the time you were active here. :P

Posted by: coolestofthecool15 on 18:53 CST :: 4/02/2012

Yay it feels good to remember old faces! (Or I guess avatars, lol).

So one question.  What is this whole 'Fiesta EX' thing?   :P

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