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Posted by: Tounge73 on 02:01 CST :: 5/26/2005

Well, im not going to dallas nemore, something with my work , i got some mandatory meeting on sat, and whoever doesnt attend is fired. which means i wont be able to make it. that SUCKS ASS , i am so pissed , i saved up and was so happy to get to go , then like a day b4 i leave, i come up with this joke cause im still going  :angry:
Posted by: mclarenf1kid on 02:27 CST :: 5/26/2005

oh you whore!  that was so wrong!
Posted by: Turkeyslam on 02:37 CST :: 5/26/2005

What a waste of a thread.

And uh oh. I think mclaren just said a naughty word.  :suspicious:

Posted by: eXonyte on 08:46 CST :: 5/26/2005

Me to manager: "Look. I've been planning to go to Dallas this weekend for the past few weeks. I will be going, and I will not be fired over it. If I have to attend your last minute little 'mandatory' meeting, it will be done by phone."

On a serious note, any manager who would force an employee to cancel an out-of-state trip that has been planned for as long as this one has, is not a manager I would work for.

If this isn't the General Manager, take it up with the GM if the peon won't let it slide. If it IS the GM, then take it to the next level if need be.

I don't care how badly I need a job, I wouldn't stand for that kind of bull.

Posted by: Tounge73 on 09:32 CST :: 5/26/2005

re-read the last line of my post
Posted by: mclarenf1kid on 11:45 CST :: 5/26/2005

i dont consider whore a "naughty" word, curse word, whatever.  but i guess its bad enough for me since i still haven't cursed!
Posted by: Koop on 11:59 CST :: 5/26/2005

dont say whore, say horse!


that'd be a mean trick if i were going ;p

Posted by: eXonyte on 00:52 CST :: 5/30/2005

Ok, so I'm stupid and don't read. *shrugs*
Posted by: Stariandolphin on 23:55 CST :: 5/30/2005

im in the same boat with you Exonyte... I saw this topic and I was like,"Um yeah you did go to the tounry? WTH how come I didnt hear about this?" So I read Tounges post and Thought the same as you. I didnt read that last line eithor... im so blonde:p
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