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17:16 CST :: 9/12/2011


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Arcades are oftentimes very dark. PIU machine screens are usually very bright. Sometimes, this can coincide and make it so that the screen is impossible to see in your videos.

What's a way to fix this? Would there be any built-in camera setting to help adjust to the light? Will moving the camera closer to the screen help? Or bringing a high-powered flashlight to assist the camera in adding a flash LOL?


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20:04 CST :: 9/12/2011

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It depends on if you want just the screen or screen + body shot.

If you want just the screen then you're golden. Simply aim the tripod (or whoever's filming) directly at the screen and have the screen take up the entirety of the video. No need to get anything else if it's just the screen you want. The more focused on the screen you are, the clearer the picture will be.

I would also suggest changing the shutter speed on your camera to 1/60 so that you don't get the rolling effect (black horizontal line) that happens with monitors when filming.

20:40 CST :: 9/12/2011

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try to record in HD and about the brightnes the screen sometimes is to shiny you can regulate that with a universal remote

Try to fix that because the screen shine burns the plasma/lcd and thats why in many games you can see the Credit or a regular announcement in the screen even when it does not have to appear





21:41 CST :: 9/12/2011

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You could buy a video light like this one:

If your camera has an exposure setting, use that to adjust how light or dark your video is.

22:04 CST :: 9/12/2011

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Moving this to the lounge since this isn't really Pump-related.

And I personally use a Flip camera because I love the quality, but it's got some disadvantages too (in particular, a really flat screen).

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