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09:37 CST :: 9/28/2011

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Quote (Crevolous @ 16:15 CST :: 9/10/2011)
When creating edits for Pro 2 you have to remember one important thing. You must put one of the following before the song's name in the edit file. See the examples below.

For Songs From Pro 1 Use:

#SONG:Pump It Up Pro/Song Name;

For Songs From Encore Pack Use:

#SONG:Pump It Up Pro Encore/Song Name;

For Songs From Pro 2 Use:

#SONG:Pump It Up Pro 2/Song Name;

If you don't use the scheme above the majority of your edits won't show up. It's important to always do this so you make absolutely sure your edits do show up.



is the master folder "song" or "songs"?
just to make sure, it's song(s)/[packname]/[songname] then .mp3 for the song, .sm for the chart, and .jpg for a titlecard?


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17:44 CST :: 9/28/2011

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No. Edits only refer to songs already loaded, so you can't have your own SMs and such. All you can have is a #SONG tag, formatted as he shows.

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