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02:34 CST :: 11/15/2010

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Well now I just feel bad for bitching about how I've got a several hundred mile drive to the nearest Fiesta machine.   :(

07:48 CST :: 9/05/2011




Quote (God @ 23:09 CST :: 5/15/2009)
I bet there's a run down PIU 1st Mix in there somewhere with no bars and rusted brown pads. lol

If they did, I could fix that...

...with an anti rust i used to fix bars on a DDR Extreme back about a year ago!

I also could fix the bar problem with CUSTOM BARS!! I have them in like blue, green, black, silver, orange, and of course red! I only change the colors, not the bar itself.

In fact, I had my own PIU pad before, and it was made of wood, later i put metal over the wood, and sometimes it would rust. It stil would work fine though :D


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